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Spa Marketing Business Manual


100 Page PDF - Instant Download

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This fun, action-packed Spa Marketing Business Manual is your guide to focusing on and uncovering your unique, singular advantage; turning it into obvious and outstanding benefits for your life-long clients...and making a profit while you do it!

Please Note: This Manual is included within both of our Instant Download Package Deals.

Requirements: Adobe Reader

If you have missed your market, you've missed everything, yet market research & positioning is often approached with a lazy attitude and a less than stellar effort.

As of today...
No more "me too" services and products
No more "match the competition" mentality!

What if you were to study the market and your competition to the point that you knew exactly what was in top demand at any given time, as well as what was missing. And then what if you defined and developed yourself as the solution to those demands and marketed them specifically, graphically, aggressively and repetitively to your target?

In marketing, as in most things you want to succeed at,
FOCUS is the name of the game.

From planning your 1-year market positioning campaign; to creating menus that sell; online and offline marketing strategies; to classifying client profitability; promotional and event planning and analysis; and merchandising and retailing must-do's, this Business Manual will (re) ignite and (re) excite you!

Here's a sampling of what you'll get:

  1. Mapping your Marketing Strategies in a 1-Year "SPA SMART" Plan; Reaching more Clients with 7 Multi-Dimensional approaches; How to build life-long Relationships and sell Solutions

  2. Digging up the dirt with Primary and Secondary Market Research; Resources and links for your late-night studies; Understanding Spa Demographics; Generational Marketing and making it all work for you!

  3. Trend Watching is important...and fun! The New Technological Eco-System and the Social Networking beast; Catch the Mobile Marketing Wave; Drive your Virtual Office right to your customer's front door!

  4. Marketing Statements and Objectives; Reduce Competition by being the first to be the best (it's easy); Budgeting for Business; and Branding for Life

  5. Website Analytics and Business Website Solutions

  6. Print and Broadcast mediums, including: Webinars; Blogs; Forums; Web Video; Signage; Gift cards; eNews: Online Directories; Billboards, Banners, Flags & Awnings; Your Front Door; Car Art; Building Art; Blogs; Video Conferencing; Webinars, and more!

  7. Developing your Spa Brochures; Mini Services; Spa Packages; Amenities; Value Incentives; Service Series; Discounting; New Product and Service Development

  8. Running Profitable Promotions; Sparking Record Retail; Cross Selling; Shop Merchandising and Spa Stores and Boutiques that sell more!

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