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About Spas2b

We have trained and educated over 600 Spa Principals and Professionals in 76 countries on
how to start up and run spa businesses


Leslie Lyon, President, Spas2b Inc.

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Course #1 - Spa Start Up, Management & Operations - $1,195 CAD

For Spa Start Ups and developing Professionals. This Spa Management course will give you the practical skills to build a lean, high performance spa business model. More Information...

Course #2 - Spa Management & Operations - $995 CAD

For Spa Principles and developing Professionals. Learn how to minimize tough business challenges with creative thinking and a sensible, strategic approach. More Information...

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About Spas2b 

Spas2b Inc. is a global leader in Online Spa Management Certificate Courses of Study, designed specifically to cater to the needs of the International Spa Principal and/or Spa Professional.  They are CIBTAC Endorsed, CEU Approved across Canada and in over 70 countries around the world. The company draws on the experience of it's President, Leslie Lyon.

About Leslie Lyon 

Leslie has evolved with the Health and Beauty Industry for more than 35 years, participating in many aspects of the spa trade, including Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Spa Director/Manager; Spa Staff Trainer, Educator and Business Owner. Today, Leslie's contributions to the industry are international.

1980, Leslie began as a Cosmetologist, working in Eatons Costmetic Department.

1983, Leslie went on to achieve her Diploma in Esthetics and Electrology. 

1984, Leslie's career moved quickly from Spa Service Professional to Spa Director and Lead Project Manager, when she was hired to head up the conversion of a 4,000 square foot ice skating rink inside a well-known Resort Hotel, into a 22 room, full-service Health Spa & Hair Salon.  Working alongside Linda Reeves of House & Home Magazine, the spa was beautifully modeled after the popular hydrotherapy spas common in Florida at the time, and thrived in business for 25 years until the hotel's demolition in 2009. 

1985/86, Leslie started up Lyonshare Consulting, a Spa Consulting company specializing in Spa Start Ups and Spa Directors.

2003, Lyonshare Consulting was expanded to include a strong focus in Spa Management Education, in addition to Spa Consulting. Leslie created two new Spa Management classroom courses, including the 5-day Spa Start Up and the 4-day Spa Management & Operations programs, delivering them at Spa Schools throughout southern Ontario. Immediately, each class began attracting an ever increasing number of international participants.

2005, Lyonshare Consulting was re-branded to become Spas2b Inc. The advancement into Spa Management Education and Training has now resulted in a large following of spa professionals from some of the most prestigious spas around the world, running their businesses based on the Spas2b Inc. proven Spa Business Standards of Practice.

2008, The 4 & 5 day Spa Management classroom courses were converted into online Distance Learning programs, becoming the first of their kind in the world. These teaching kits were made up of a combination of manuals, CDs and DVDs and immediately began shipping globally. 

2011, Spas2b Inc. was recognized in 50 countries around the world and growing.

2012, Spas2b Inc. received CIBTAC Endorsement and was awarded Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) in 7 provinces across Canada.

2014, Spas2b discontinues shipping the teaching kits, converting these online Distance Learning courses into a fully online learning environment and lauches their New Edition Advanced Online Spa Management Courses.

2015, Spas2b is now in over 70 countries.

2018 - Today Leslie enjoys her life and professions as a wife and mother, International Educator, Speaker, Published Columnist, Business Blogger, Freelance Writer and Business Advisor.

Educator to many 100's of existing and aspiring Spa Owners, Managers, Directors and their staff, worldwide.

Author of business columns, articles, blogs and media for prominent industry publications and websites, including Spa Canada Magazine, Spa Inc., DaySpa Magazine, Skin Inc., American Spa, Spa Trade, Pulse, Dermascope, Universal Companies, The Industry Source; 4Hoteliers, and numerous others. 

Public Speaker and Online Presenter throughout North America for leading Associations, Trade Events, and Business Enterprises, including ISPA; IECSC; DSA; ESI; LSC; IPA; Universal Companies; Society of Cosmetic Chemists; Premier Spas of Ontario; and Registered Massage Therapists Association.

Business Adviser for numerous Committees and Associations globally, including: 2015/2016 Chair of the Global Internship Program through the Global Wellness Institute (GWI); (Past) Board Adviser for International Pedicure Association (IPA); Current Association Member and 2014 Task Force Committee Member for International Spa Association (ISPA); Past Member of the Board of Directors, Association Member and Education Committee Advisor for Leading Spas of Canada/Spa Industry Association of Canada (LSC/SIAC); Current Esthetics Committee Member for the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC). 

About our courses

Two courses are available:  Course #1: Spa Start Up, Management & Operations (6 modules / 60 hours of self-study); or Course #2: Spa Management & Operations (5 modules / 50 hours of self-study).  Both courses contain rich, up to the minute advanced spa management content, materials, resources and programs that will submerge you into everything that is spa. Using our unique combination of diverse teaching tools and the newest learning methodologies, we proudly deliver the highest value and a history of proven results.  

With our CIBTAC Endorsement of quality assurance and Spas2b's established reputation in over 70 countries around the globe, you can feel secure in knowing your Spa Management credentials are recognized as being among the highest business standards in the world, tailored to provide for the requirements of the international industry.


Ideal course candidates

  1. Spa Owners and Managers who are heading up an existing business, or a new spa development
  2. Spa Practitioners and Students aspiring to manage, open or upgrade a spa 
  3. Those new to the Spa and Wellness Industry who plan to start up a spa or work within one
  4. Spa Suppliers and Manufacturers wanting to grow their client and staff knowledge bases.

See how our proven spa standards of practice can position, strengthen and grow both your business and your career

On a more personal note... 

Leslie sponsors "sisters" through the Women for Women organization.  As a sponsor, Leslie is helping women survivors of war rise above overwhelming obstacles, to build a new life for themselves and their families. This sponsorship not only allows Leslie and her sisters to communicate, but also enables her sisters to enroll in a 1 year, life-changing business program through the Women for Women organization, giving her sisters access to the tools they need to improve their lives.