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Pros & Cons of adding a hair salon to your day spa

A question submitted to Spas2b:

What are peoples thoughts of adding a hair salon to your Day Spa? What are the pros and cons? How would one do this without affecting the balance and peaceful environment of the spa?

This is a spa in the planning stages, so anything at this point is still possible. Thanks for your feedback!


Our Response:

Adding a hair salon to your spa needs the following considerations:

1. Does your demographic want/need it? You need to know if they will switch from their hair salon to your spa salon – this takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish unless there is very little competition in your area with hair salons, or unless you rent the space to an individual with an existing clientelle.

2. Are you prepared to have 2 businesses running as separate entities, but yet still working together? This is a totally different animal from the spa business and you must have an able-bodied, experienced professional running it, who is headed in the same direction as you are.

There are different pay structures; business requirements, techniques and expectations; different philosophies; marketing approaches; profitability; and so much more. As mentioned above, you can rent the space to this individual and have them run the business as their own, but the two of you still must be able to complement each other and build a loyal, reciprocal relationship in order to become mutually successful.

3. In construction, the layout and proximity of the two spaces, including HVAC (heating, ventillation and AC), plumbing, surfaces, and sound proofing is critical.

4. Ongoing marketing efforts must be positioned to always cross-promote the businesses – this means in-house promotions as well as out your door.

5. Efforts must always be made to mingle staff members from both businesses, and allow them to familiarize themselves with the other staff, once again for business growth purposes.

This is just a quick overview of considerations. There are many more, depending on how you end up setting up the two entities.

Reader Response:

I can’t argue with anything Leslie posted, for sure.

Expanding on the HVAC requirements, there can be quite a smell that comes from the salon portion that can be kind of off-putting for the spa goers.

I wonder, also, if a salon/spa is perceived by clients as being a “real” spa. You know, kind of like the stereotype of having an esthetics bed in the back of a hair salon. It CAN be done well, but you’ve got to work against the perception.

Our Response:

I see many spas come from salons, and some have done a great job and others remain an obvious addition. But one thing is for sure, if you are adding one to the other, both need to be marketed equally with the success of both, the ultimate goal. So if there are different owners, hopefully they are of the same philosophy and values!

Reader Response:

I appreciate that the spa I use is also the hair salon I use. I don’t know much yet about how they operate together, but as a customer I love everything under one roof.


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