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Top 5 Drivers for Affluent Customers


Although our customer’s attitudes towards wellness can often supersede their levels of affluence, there is no question that wealth is a key player when targeting the ideal spa client.

Capturing the attention of the affluent client means first studying the different factors that affect their purchasing decisions, and we believe there are five major criteria to consider:

Driver #1 – Respect their Position

They feel they deserve recognition for their accomplishments and they expect you to be where they are, when it is convenient for them and whenever the need arises – never say “no”.  This means your location matters greatly – are you positioned to attract this demographic – how will you ensure your paths cross?  They are not interested in being convinced of the sale, they trust their own instincts; they are more interested in being intelligently guided through the purchasing process (don’t tell them, show them).

Driver #2 – Professional Competency

You must be their advisor, solving their challenges efficiently, and with integrity.  They are looking for your commitment to quality service, and to them personally, and your “quick to respond” behaviour will be an asset – don’t make them wait – and your good follow-through and follow-up is also absolutely mandatory.

Driver #3 – Trust, Loyalty & Discretion

They believe in long-term, loyal relationships; they desire acknowledgement and being treated special – they don’t take kindly to being passed around, being made to feel less than “exclusive”.  Costs, value and benefits must be clearly and openly demonstrated up front.  Performance of claims, comparables, and delivering what is promised is crucial.

Driver #4 – Word of Mouth Referrals

The affluents place great emphasis on their network of family and friends; looking to them first, for direction and concurrence.  Affluents consider themselves and their network to be the “ones” who know best. Some affluent woman are referred to as the “Marketing Multipliers”.  These women spend twice as much as other affluent women and use online and offline word-of-mouth as the primary driver in their purchasing decisions.

Driver #5 –  Upward Buying

This driver is particularly important to aspiring affluents looking for status, but it also applies to the established affluent segments, and even the non-affluent – we believe this is the trend to watch.  This is the university student that gives up all else to afford that $300 designer purse; the at-home mom who won’t settle for anything but her favourite, more expensive bottle of wine as her reward; or the spa goer who will choose 1 expensive, more exotic spa treatment before choosing 2 less appealing ones.  Simply put, this trend means quality before quantity; or desire above practicality.

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