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Business slowdowns!

A question submitted to Spas2b:

I’m hearing from many of you that the current economic conditions are (still) deeply affecting your booking schedule. What tactics are YOU using to keep them coming in?

A friend and colleague I interviewed awhile back had this to say:

“For the most part, I believe that going to the spa really is an affordable luxury. You just have to look at it like this:  Your client may not be able to get a new car, or even that new Chanel handbag, but they can probably afford the smaller hit to their wallet, like maybe a $25 tube of lipstick or the occasional $50 pedicure or $90 massage. They can still be a part of the brand and a part of feeling special. And it is incumbent upon the therapists during dialogue with our clients, that they reinforce the client’s good decisions, to take care of themselves. Our therapists must take the opportunity to encourage our clients to come back; even if it is at a more relaxed pace than preferred.”

“And you must be strategic. Nurture your client on a level that always allows them to get a cut of the action. Let them know they can always afford your spa; they can come in during the middle of the week when prices are lower than on the weekend; and they can purchase items during promotions; or just purchase services and items at price points that will still uphold their desire to stay engaged with the spa. Make yourself accessible to them always.”   Carolyn Holdsworth, Nurture Spa


I would also like to add to Carolyn’s response: Remember that your existing clients are your bread and butter – devote 60-70% of your time and budget on them; 20-30% on new prospects; and 10% or less on “other” (increasing awareness or improving your image). Your regulars should be receiving incentives; superior service; and recognition. Taking these measures will increase the frequency of visits; average ticket prices; and referrals – never under estimate the importance of these VIP’s!  Leslie Lyon


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