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Salute LifeSpa

Salute Lifespa

Opening date: December 2008
Type of Spa: LifeSpa – Spa Services, Fitness Services, Boutique, Social Lounge
Size of Spa: 11,000 sq.ft.
Number of Employees: Ramp up in first year to 25 staff
Number of Treatment Rooms: 9
Types of Treatments offered:Massage, Skin Care, Nail, Heat (steam & dry), Couples, Wellness Programs, Fitness ProgramsBusiness Stats
Software Program used: Short listed to Milano and Millenium
Compensation Method: Salary/Wage and Team based incentives
Product Lines used: Short listed – natural products
Contact Information: 204-799-8053 / tcolizza@sbgcanada.comYour valued advice to those opening a spa: Take a Spa Development / Management course
Understand your market and your target
Produce a detailed financial perspective and do not underestimate the effort required
Get the right people on the bus starting immediately with key people needed to fully understand and prepare the financial perspective

Key Players on Our Team (the bus)

Spa Advisor – Leslie Lyon
Fitness Advisor – Theresa Carriere
Architecture Team – James Colizza, Anthony Bruni, Nic De Socio
Project Manager / Advisor – Kevin McAndrew
Interior Design – Victoria Colizza
Financial Advisor – Chris Spina
Financial Team – Greg Peres, John Ziccarelli (Community First), Marie Bruno (BDC)
Economic Development Advisor – John Febbraro

Our Story

“A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.”
Antoine De Saint-Exupery

We spent many years researching what made people well.

We studied how people could live happier, more meaningful lives. We studied how people could live longer, be healthier, look younger, be more beautiful and more energetic. We kept studying and learning as we sadly watched friends and family cope with the devastating pain of illness and disease. We knew that a large percentage of disease is preventable though lifestyle changes in exercise, nutrition, relaxation and social relationships. We knew in our hearts that we could win the fight against many diseases and we knew that we could make a difference somehow.

One day while enjoying a fabulous hot stone massage, we contemplated SPA and within us conjured up the image of a wellness lifestyle sanctuary. In our minds we created a place where we could inspire wellness through wholeness and balance. This place was a community of healing and rejuvenation, where nutrition, fitness, relaxation and skin care services, together with self care wellness programs, were carefully tailored to meet the unique needs of people.

In our minds a SPA ceased to be a SPA but rather became something larger, something more than relaxation, it became about delivering a holistic health experience based on an integrative approach to the mind, body and spirit.

This place was about wellness as a lifestyle.

Our contemplation resulted in a new concept of a SPA and we called it the Lifespa. The Lifespa is about providing the best wellness experience for the higher good of all people. The Lifespa is simply about surrounding yourself with things that are good and it’s about being good to yourself. We wanted to ensure that the Lifespa could provide people with all of the holistic tools needed to grow into wellness, through our wellness-promoting services and lifestyle programs.

The experience of Lifespa had to be memorable, luxurious, delightful and sensual.

Wellness education was also extremely important because it is through learning that we understand and can truly grow into wellness. Finally, we needed to ensure that the wellness lifestyle we were promoting was flexible enough to adapt to the existing lifestyles in the community.

We chose Sault Ste Marie as our first location given its very natural setting, Mediterranean influences in terms of diet, sports and fitness participation, as well as its nationally recognized leadership in the health sector. We were familiar with the close knit community of Sault Ste Marie, so it felt right. We decided to call our Lifespa “Salute”, which is the Italian word for “health and wellbeing” and the English word for “an act of greeting with friendly words and gestures”. S

alute Lifespa was a dream that we have had for many years and a place where we often go to in our minds. We knew in our hearts that we could bring Salute Lifespa to life and help many people. We knew that we could, and therefore we knew that we must… And hence, a new path in our journey through life was about to begin. Come along for a bit of ride?

We knew that we could never compromise the wellness of any person and therefore we needed to ensure unparalleled greatness in products, services and experiences. In order to achieve this greatness, we knew we needed to get the “right people on the bus”.

Leslie & Spas2b

Leslie Lyon from Spas 2b was the first to board our bus and she has been on board ever since. Leslie gently introduced us to the world of SPA. Not only did she provide all the tools required to build a solid SPA business, she connected us to the world of SPA through her contacts and her experience in the industry.

Leslie’s unwavering faith in our dream of including SPA within a holistic framework for wellness gave us the confidence to persevere. Leslie’s genuine interest in seeing us succeed was apparent as she thoughtfully guided us through many decisions. Through Leslie, we were able to shortlist our supplier list to those who shared our philosophy about wellness.

We wanted products that were environmentally friendly, natural and pure, and we wanted serious quality. We really became obsessed with finding the perfect products and spent over a year gathering information, testing and researching the claims and efficacy of each and every product on our shortlist. We are still testing.

Leslie also recommended getting involved in key industry associations to advance our knowledge of the industry and gain access to valuable resources. We have made use of the resources from the Leading Spas of Canada and we are members of ISPA. We also attended the ISPA annual conference, which we highly recommend to anyone in or entering into the SPA industry. Our network kept growing as we met the most wonderful people with incredible insights.

At the conference and in Leslie’s Spa Management classroom, we met people like ourselves who were just starting a SPA business and others who had been in the business for awhile. They all had something to share with us and they have all shaped Salute Lifespa in the most special ways.

Transcending SPA

Because Salute Lifespa transcended the world of SPA, we needed to gain knowledge in the Fitness industry as well. We became members of IHRSA as well, which is an association similar to ISPA but for the Fitness and Sports industry. And again, our network grew.

We worked with suppliers and industry experts to develop the most unique spa treatments, fitness programs and meal plans that all offered a holistic cocktail of spiritual, mental and physical wellness.

Without exception, every guest that leaves Salute Lifespa must feel better than when they came in.

This clearly became something that we would not compromise. Another item on our “will not compromise” list was education and learning. We developed a comprehensive wellness certification program that addressed the key elements of a wellness lifestyle, including a brief introduction to anatomy and physiology. Each staff member at Salute Lifespa must first successfully complete the wellness certification program before they can deal with the guests.

The staff at Salute Lifespa are called “Wellness Care Providers” because their number one priority is to care for the wellness of our guests, without exception.

But the learning and education does not end with the staff at Salute Lifespa.

Guest education is a part of every service, every product and every visit. We have ensured that the guests understand how each service and product contributes to their wellness through written descriptions, verbal explanations and visual representations. Wellness seminars and lifestyle classes are an integral part of the guest learning experience. We have been studying holistic health and nutrition for the past few years, and we have incorporated much of our learning into the Salute Lifespa environment.

The single most important part of being well and healthy is to be good to yourself, like a gardener is good to his plants.

The gardener will never blame the lettuce if the lettuce does not grow or if the lettuce is brown and wilted. Instead, the gardener will blame the fate of his poor lettuce on too little water, too much sun, or too many bugs. And good gardeners know that they must learn and understand what the lettuce needs in order to grow into the greenest, most luscious and scrumptious lettuce ever. In essence, we are all gardeners of our own wellness and Salute Lifespa is where you are given the tools, the proper soil and the best conditions to grow the most wonderful you.

“Don’t blame the lettuce”, holds true in anything we do, whether it be our wellness or our business. In order to grow a successful business you must also learn and understand what a business needs to grow healthy and strong.

Along our journey down this new path, we have met people with the tools, the soil and the ingredients we needed to grow our business from a seed and who shared our passion and vision. Leslie Lyon was one of these people. Theresa Carriere also has a seat on our bus and has helped put together the best fitness programs ever and her encouragement has been invaluable. And then there was Jim Colizza, Anthony Bruni and Nic De Socio from James A. Colizza Architect Inc., who held key seats on the bus and showed us where to drive. Together, they worked countless hours and literally transformed what was once a dream into the reality Salute Lifespa is now fast becoming.

This transformation happened one zone, one room, one square foot and one customer experience at a time.

Jim and his team created a masterpiece – a modern interpretation of the ancient roman bathhouses with a melodic composition of serenity, energy, stimulation and calm. Under one roof they created a sanctuary and a refuge from the outside world yet also created a social gathering place where people connect and participate in conversation, activity and learning. The blueprint of Salute Lifespa is a simple expression of complex thought, exuding an external sense of peace with an abundance of harmony.

Thousands of decisions were made with the result of leaving a timeless spell on those who enter.

The space within Salute Lifespa offers total clarity, where the eye, the mind and the physical body are at ease, where nothing jars or distracts. The physicality of Salute Lifespa encourages balance and nourishes your mind, your soul as well as your body. The environment combines the elements of wood, earth, metal, fire, and water to help purify and restore harmony to your life.

Salute Lifespa is a place to be, a place for becoming, and a place of belonging.

Salute Lifespa will open its doors in December 2008. It has been an extremely exciting journey so far and we hope you enjoyed the ride. From the bottom of our hearts, we leave you with these words: “Be good to yourself and be well.” (And don’t ever blame the lettuce!).


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