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Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa


Name of Spa: Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa, Whistler, British Columbia
Opened Since: 23 Dec 2003
Type of Spa: Resort Spa
Additional Locations in Jakarta-Bali; Jogjakarta-Malaysia (Terengganu, KualaLumpur, Kijal); Japan(Zao); Czech Republic (Praha); Bulgaria (Sophia)
Types of Treatments offered: Full authentic and traditional eastern Spa services, including Signature treatments
Top 3 selling services: Javanese Massage, Royal Essential Touch, Royal Balinese Treatment
Contact Information:
info@tamansarispa.com; www.tamansarispa.com

On a recent family ski and spa vacation to Whistler, British Columbia, I discovered the two locations of the Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa.

It was absolutely delightful to be treated so royally by these lovely, polite, Indonesian-born and trained women, practicing their craft so authentically, right here in Canada.

The Background of TSRH Spa

Taman Sari means “Beautiful Park”.

The Taman Sari Water Palace in Indonesia is a famous bathing place where Javanese Royal families, princes and princesses enjoyed special and unique beauty treatments, carrying the philosophy of balancing jiwa, raga, sukma or body, mind and spirit.

In that tradition, PT. Mustika Ratu created the Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa brand

With the first one opening in the Sheraton Mustika Hotel in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 1997. Since then, many others have followed, all managed by their franchise system, with more locations continually expanding around the world.

The glory, beauty and mystery of the Royal House of Sultan Sinuhun Pakoe Boewono X, has now been made available to the public. The inspirational concept of providing traditional Royal therapy treatments through nature’s healing properties, are now no longer exclusively the domain of Royalty. The concept of Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa itself is “East Meets West”. With a focus on beauty and wellness, they embrace the traditional approach, but use modern technology to produce their own spa products and spa equipment.

Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa is inspired by the Royal Javanese Princesses daily beauty rituals.

Combining water therapies with exotic herbs, the exclusive treatments used by Royal families from generation to generation were a close kept secret, long hidden behind the palace walls and a mystery to most.

Water and herbs are considered inseparable as a holistic treatment, both externally and internally. Indonesia has the philosophy of health, wellness and beauty, and their holistic treatments cover a series of obligatory treatments, conducted in accordance with the stages of a women’s life cycle, including:

  1. Spa treatments for the younger child
  2. Spa treatments for teenagers
  3. A Romantic Wedding Package
  4. Happy Marital Life For Women and Men
  5. Pre Maternity / Pre Natal
  6. Post Maternity / Post Natal
  7. Pre menopause
  8. Post menopause

In addition to the glorious treatments

They have enhanced the splendor of Javanese architecture in the Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spas, whereby you can enjoy authentic decor; the soothing strains of gamelan music; and the jamu bar. In combination, their unique Javanese “Keraton Tradition” leaves you feeling reborn, revitalized, refreshed, and bursting with new found energy.

Additional signature packages include:

The Ancient Javanese Healing Program (which is what I had and includes: the Javanese Massage; a choice of Javanese Lulur Body Scrub or Papaya Enzyme Body Polish; and the Hair and Scalp Massage with coconut nourishment); Royal Javanese Pampering; and the Beautiful Princess Package, which pampers and prepares the the bride for her husband before the wedding.

The treatment menu itself, mirrors what the Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa’s founder, Mooryati Soedibyo enjoyed as a princess growing up in the Javanese Royal Palace. She is a princess-turned-business woman, and the owner of one of Indonesia’s largest traditional cosmetic companies under the Mustika Ratu name.

Some additional treatments include:

Prameswari Massage / Queen Massage
This is a unique Javanese massage performed by two therapists working together in harmony.

Taman Sari Massage
An intense, medium to strong deep tissue massage in which therapists use the thumb and palm pressure to apply firm strokes, stimulating blood circulation and loosening muscles to reduce tension.

Taman Sari Facial with Biolift Nano technology
Using “Biolift Nano Technology” which improves the skin’s re hydration abilities. This treatment help regenerate, restore and effective anti aging.

Javanese Lulur
Described as the “Royal” of body treatments, that has been practiced in the palace of Central Java, which is purifying, exfoliating, and stimulating.

Mustika Boro Stone Therapy
This is a unique Javanese massage using a special kind of stone taken from Merapi Mountain.

There are 15 kinds of Indonesian oil Aromatherapy:
Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa presents a wide variety of essential oil concentrates which can be applied to a baby, or an adult, such as: Jasmine; Citrus; Vetyvert; Patchouli; Lemongrass and Ginger, to name just a few.

Cocoa Butter Series (with Virgin coconut oil)
The beans from the cocoa or chocolate nut tree yield a rich, buttery substance which is an effective lubricant and skin softener.

The Franchise System

Within the Mustika Ratu group, franchise holders benefit from the unified ‘brand image’, increasing potential for exposure and success. From business feasibility to spa operations, their highly trained support staff is available to assist you in achieving the maximum from your business.

LPPMS & Spa Academy

Since 1986 Mustika Ratu has run a Training Center for those who want to learn about traditional beauty therapy and Jamu (Indonesian herbal supplements). For years this government-accredited training center has been well known, with many Indonesian beauticians having completed their studies at the centre. The centre also trains students from lower income families to allow them to become professional beauticians & Spa Therapists, including CIDESCO International Standards and education.


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