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Energy Management for Workplace Vitality!

by Jill Cressy

Stress is Here

The complexity of our world is increasing with higher competition, greater demands and more responsibilities. In the workplace, there is much bubbling up, with many feeling overwhelmed, burdened and on tilt. We attempt to manage stress, yet we still remain vulnerable to energy drains. We can exercise, meditate, take yoga classes, drink purified water, eat organic foods, and consume supplements, yet still feel edgy and uptight throughout the day. We may become impatient with a client or snappy with a colleague, then discharge toxic vibes. We can complete all the detoxification methods in the world and still lose our cool. What really needs cleansing is our current thought system. We need to purify our perceptions first and foremost. It is time to stop the battle. Instead of striving to beat the clock, work with it. Instead of fighting stress, work through it. Instead of leaking energy, learn from it. It’s time to manage our energy.

Where are You?

The majority of the time we’re not fully present. Our energy is other than here. We think about all those things we want to do in the future or get hung up on the past. We become stuck on a memory or set in a pattern, resenting a person, frustrated by a situation, or triggered by an incident. We struggle to forgive another person and/or struggle to forgive ourselves. Then we invest energy in toxic thoughts. As a result, we weaken our immune system, a condition that attracts irritability, fatigue, colds, illness, injury, or a sense of feeling down. In this state we are less productive, less creative, and more likely to drain others. We may feed on co-workers and draw them into our drama. What goes around comes around. When we carry emotional baggage, caught up in the past or consumed by the future, we hold back the whole organization.

Focus on Energy

In the workplace, toxic energy escalates because it is here where we meet our greatest power struggles. With a multitude of merging interests, we have competing demands. How do we prevent bumping-heads? We focus on our own energy. When we learn to turn around triggers, we live more in present time, a place where we role-model health. As we radiate vitality, colleagues feel the call. They pick up on our healthy vibes and pull in towards our cause. Receptive co-workers simply show up and the right team emerges. We attract cooperative players and collegial support comes our way. Co-workers collaborate and work dynamics shake into place. By managing our own energy, we shift the climate of business. We guide staff to thrive at the cellular level and enhance the immune system of our whole organization. We serve as examples of our life working, and help others do the same. Feeling more awake, alert, and aware, our team sets in motion a continual system for inspiration. We raise the vibration of our environment and regenerate life-energy. The result is an organization that is healthy, productive, efficient, creative, resourceful, vibrant, and fully alive!

4 Steps to Manage Energy

1) Feel Emotions Fully

  • Let emotions have the right to exist.
  • Give them room to move around.
  • Allow them to spread through your whole body.

2) Appreciate the Intensity

  • Be intrigued by the drama of the situation.
  • Example: See your anger as beautiful red hot anger showing you that whatever you’re responding to has meaning. Thank the anger for getting you in touch with the message.
  • Be grateful for the warning signs which guide you back on track.

3) Interpret Situations Symbolically

  • Transform Triggers into Teachers (TTT). Fill in the blanks:
  • From this person who is getting to me, I am learning ________.
  • This person represents a certain type, and this is symbolic of a particular situation that brings out a certain feeling that that makes me feel uncomfortable, insecure, vulnerable, disempowered, or ______.

4) See the Links and Patterns

  • Are other people showing up in my life to teach me the same lesson?
  • Am I attracting similar situations at work, at home, with friends & family?
  • What’s the bigger picture of the immediate situation?

Jill Cressy is the Assistant Manager of Fitness and Instruction at the Faculty of Physical Education and Health, University of Toronto. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Education, HIgher Education (Emphasis on Leadership) at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education where she is completing research on voice coaching for speakers. Ms. Cressy completed her Bachelor Degree in Physical and Health Education and certified as a Can-Fit-Pro Fitness Instructor Specialist, Black Belt Nia Instructor, PhysicalMind Institute Pilates Instructor, CALA Aquafitness Instructor, GRAVITY Group Instructor and Personal Trainer. She has presented workshops on leadership, energy management, movement and voice coaching for a variety of organizations.


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