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The Spa Director’s Ever-Expanding Job Description

How are you Managing?

Like any Management position, a successful Spa Director develops with education and experience that addresses both their life and business skills. The Director needs to be “equipped” with the best industry-specific practices and guidelines in order to do the job effectively.

Spa Director Job Descriptions come in all shapes and sizes, and almost no one can fulfill everything that’s expected right off the bat, but rather the required responsibilities are gradually and incrementally introduced as you see your Director becoming more proficient at mastering outcomes and proving results.


Although this overview just touches on what the actual Job Description looks like, here are the main points:


Interpret Financial Reports; maintain staff compensation guidelines and payroll commitments; use financial plans for spotting trends and measuring productivity; control ongoing profitability by managing costs; develop and maintain accurate inventory controls; implement full Spa purchasing standards; administer efficient staff scheduling and client booking.


Develop Spa’s Marketing Strategy and image; develop publicity opportunities; maintain efficient front desk procedures; create ongoing in-house promotions and activities; guide all business decisions by staying on top of Spa industry trends; maintain menu of services; develop and grow retail sales; stage the Spa.

Customer Service:

Ensure customer needs are being met; monitor customer satisfaction; exhibit a professional attitude; handle difficult situations; maintain fresh, effective programs to grow customer base; develop and maintain client compensation guidelines.

Staffing & Human Resources:

Develop a Recruitment Kit for effective recruiting, screening, interviewing and hiring; maintain internal staff retention programs; implement ongoing skills training; monitor Job Descriptions and Staff Goals Planning; create and maintain Staff Contracts; perform Staff Evaluations; effectively administer staff scheduling procedures.


Maintain an up to date Spa Procedure Manual and ensure compliance; develop and maintain process handling requirements; hold regular staff meetings; ensure equipment is maintained; maintain professional supplier relationships; ensure stock and cash items are kept safely; minimize or eliminate losses through negligence; implement a clearly established opening and closing procedure; manage inventory effectively.


I believe that when we create a Job Description, a Job Evaluation follows right behind it. We lay out our set of expectations, and we base pay increases on tangible results.

Just a word of caution, let’s not burn out our Spa Directors, rather let’s set forth to deliberately develop these VIP’s into the business and human experts we really need them to be.

Find out more here about how you can educate yourself and your Spa Director to meet this ever expanding job title.


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