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Marketing on a Budget

A question submitted to Spas2b:

We are getting ready to open and have some great ideas on marketing, but now with so many other expenses, we feel we need to watch where we’re advertising and find other ways to spread the news.

Can you suggest ways that we can create interest and let people know we’re about to open, while still watching our budget?

And once we are open, are they ways to keep the momentum going that don’t cost thousands of dollars?


Our Response:

You have to know what’s going on in your community, and be a part of as many of these events as you can, paying particular attention to the demographic who is attending these events, so get demographic reports on the event. Have a booth, draws, giveaways, guest speakers, demonstrations, etc.

Offer to sponsor local charities and activities. Have a staff spokesperson available (or maybe that’s you) to give live radio and tv interviews to promote your grand opening. Radio is good because they will have demographic studies that will tell you when your target is listening, and it’s not as expensive as some methods.

Approach corporate headquarters and HR departments of local businesses and offer them gift cards and certificates for their staff for special event gift giving throughout the year.

Be creative…One of my clients had their volkswagon convertible done up in car art, and drove around town with spa towels on their heads and spa wraps on their bodies, with sunglasses. It must have been hilarious to see, and certainly drew lots of attention. This car was always parked in the spa drive way, and driven regularly.

Utilize staff in your efforts – they have great input and love to feel the “fit” with where they are working.

Have a soft opening first and give free treatments to local celebrities; VIPS; and targeted individuals and groups so that they can help spread the news for you.

And don’t forget your GRAND opening – make it an event and strive to become the best spa in town.  Have fun with it!

Leslie Lyon

Reader comment:

We’re going to pay our staff to network, and as they bring in business, they will be rewarded. We will supply them with brochures, business cards, coupons, samples and gifts, and wherever they have the opportunity to hand them out, they’ll do it. Some staff will be better at it than others, but we are setting up a mini training program to help them with the approach, the elevator speech, and scripting.  We will pay them a percentage of the first total client bill, and if they are able to have the client book their next service, they are also paid a percentage of that total bill, up to two re-bookings.

We are building excitement right now and hopefully everyone will get on board. We’ll run this program for 3 months and our goal will be to gather 25 new clients from our 5 staff members. We will also be awarding the highest achiever once the program is finished.

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