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Spa Orange

Spa Orange

Opened since: November 01, 2007
Type of Spa: Day Spa/Hotel Spa/Destination Spa/Holistic Spa
Size of Spa: 9,200 sq.ft. (2,400 sq.ft. to be added with Phase 2, May 08)
Number of Employees: 18
Number of Treatment Rooms: 8 rooms and 6 open treatments areas
Types of Treatments offered: Healing (massages, thermo therapies)/body/face/hands and feet/eyes, ears & scalp/spa fitness/spa nutrition/Over night to week long wellness programs
Business Stats:
Software Program used: Milano Systems
Compensation Method: Fixed/Commissions/Incentives
Product Lines used: Pevonia Botanica/Algotherm/Phyto5/OPI
Top 3 selling services:Swedish Massage / Classic European Facial / Classic PedicureContact Information: info@spaorange.ca/514-866-1772Our advice to those needing help: Take a Spa Management course – do not re-invent the wheel. Understand and follow the trends with knowledge and passion. Learn how to keep the cash, offer to barter, pay attention to web-marketing, it’s our future.

Our Story

Do you remember the story of the blind men and the elephant?

A group of blind men touch an elephant to learn what it is like. Each one touches a different part, but only one part, such as the side or the tusk. They then compare notes on what they felt, and learn that they are all in complete disagreement as to what the elephant must be like.

This story is used to indicate that reality may be viewed differently depending upon one’s perceptions, suggesting that what seems to be an absolute truth, may be relative due to the deceptive nature of half-truths. These varying ideas and perceptions that are present in all of us affect and determine the paths we take in spa development.

I remembered this story from my childhood. When developing our spa in downtown Montreal, I knew I wanted it to be “universal”, without any single direct “ethnic” influence. I wanted to implement many of these influences, and this, combined with a strong spa philosophy based on understanding where the spa industry is going and how the North American spa model works financially, Spa Orange was well under way.

Difficult to do? Doable with a very limited budget? With no structured industry knowledge and/or connections? But with passion and energy? Sure, with luck in meeting the PROPER spa industry professionals.

It started with a number of trade shows.

New York, Miami, Hong Kong?chaos, a few dozen different ways to go. Then came ISPA Thailand 2006 and my first lucky connection, Ronald Jean (Pevonia Botanica Canada) and his “Identifying your Spa Business” seminar. Gotcha! I understood WHERE to go, but HOW? WHAT TO DO FIRST?

More luck came with Leslie Lyon, Spas2b. I went to her Spa Management Class as a “spa enthusiast” with “ideas” and I left it as a spa professional, with a fully structured business plan in my mind. Dear spa developers, do not relax. To execute your plan you need lots of luck and many good people to deal with. It’s true, tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. More of mine are: Lena Zinchenko – Ten Spa, Winnipeg; Francine Laurin – TD Trust, Montreal; Arlette Gilete – Phyto5/Algotherm Canada; Patricia Moore – Pevonia Canada; and Shirish Suchak – Best Western Europa.

To add, Spa Orange is a beautiful spa in downtown Montreal, built and structured with a holistic philosophy in mind.

We have a 3,200 sq. ft. roof terrace adjacent to the spa, operational the whole year round. There you may just relax, or receive a massage in the open air in summer, or splash with ice cold water or exfoliate with the snow after your sauna session in winter. Design wise we brought the outside inside.

Inside, you’ll be walking the wooden boardwalks, not the marble floors. The interior will remind you of the Taman Negara National Park in Malaysia, or some Plato in Patagonia in Chili, but not the noisy downtown. You may split your spa experience between individual treatments zones and open (common) areas, and enjoy our spa cuisine bar, spa fitness area and super sauna. Learn why in South East Asia they deliver Thai massages in open halls with the clients exposed to see each other. (Do you know? – check our web www.spaorange.ca, if not). The majority of our rooms, both dry and wet, are for couple’s services, which we consider to be our niche in our “stand out from the competition” approach. Our Hotel/Destination Spa offers spa packages; couples services; socializing space; super sauna; fitness; spa cuisine and much more. And the main asset: our staff. Our team is built according to the Spas2b motto: Hire based on character; train to become a Professional – and start with the word “Imagine”.

Spa Orange? Imagine something different.

Have you ever received a massage on a Sereneya massage bed? On a rocks bed? On a Thai massage mat? What is Sauna? A Perfect Sauna? A Super Sauna? An Infra Red Sauna? Imagine a sauna that really heals. Imagine yourself sleeping in a Sauna. Imagine yourself sleeping during your massage. Imagine yourself sleeping well every night at your home. Imagine yourself years younger. Beside massages, imagine 1001 more spa treatments, services and products that we provide at Spa Orange.

About Leslie

Spas2b Inc. is a full service Spa Development company, specializing in Online Spa Management Distance Learning Courses, Spa Business Manual Instant Downloads & Resources, and Spa Consulting Services.
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