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You’re Opening a Spa!

You spent months, years perhaps, in preparation for your spa opening. You found what you believe to be the perfect location with perfect potential for making your client’s hearts sing and the business cash register ring. You sourced the most impressive pieces of spa equipment; chose a brilliant mix of product lines to form your service menu and retail offerings; and paid deliberate attention to every detail in the decor of the space.

And you were pleased with yourself because you had protocols for most of your services; your staff were adequately screened and fairly well trained; and you were pretty sure you knew your client demographic; and if your projections were accurate, you would more than likely be able to make your monthly payment obligations.

So, looking back, everything seemed pretty well taken care of. You knew you couldn’t expect perfection; it will be a work in progress, so you opened your doors to the future…

Open 6 months – Trouble is already brewing

It’s a bit difficult to make ends meet, because your staff payroll is a stretch even at the best of times right now, and your capital expenditures are demanding attention too. But you have put together some really great promotions on your event calendar and with some special occasions coming up soon, sales should soar and bills can be paid then.

Open 12 months – You’re living and breathing the business

You’ve been open for almost a year now, and customers are still coming in pretty steady on the weekends, in fact you turn many away on Saturdays, and it can be quite chaotic trying to manage the demands thrown at you each weekend.   It’s the weekdays that are scaring you.

Open 18 months – You’re overwhelmed

You really need to sell more retail to supplement your services. When you hired your staff, they said they were gun-hoe on selling.  And what’s worse, your staff seem to be sick a lot lately, and particularly on those busy weekends.  It just wouldn’t seem right to ask them to contact client’s who haven’t been in for awhile, or heaven forbid, ask for a referral now and then, would it? 

Maybe the best thing to do would be to discount services and products to entice clients to come in and buy… 

You’ve overheard that some of the other spas are paying their staff much less than you are and you’ve also caught wind of a sickening little piece of information: you have gained a reputation of inconsistency and occasional unprofessionalism. 

Your staff is leaving, moving onto greener pastures and they’re even taking a few of your clients with them. 

Your nights are becoming sleepless. You have quite a few financial obligations, and you just are not sure exactly how you’re going to meet them. You’re only 18 months into the business and you are already wondering if you’ve made the right choice. 

Many mistakes have been made…

This hypothetical (if not slightly exaggerated) story we’ve created, demonstrates that many mistakes have been made.

But whether you are just starting out and after reading this short story, wish to avoid some of these pitfalls; OR you are an experienced professional in a position that sounds similar, remember there is hope and in many cases you can do at least some of this work yourself.

Going into your spa venture with your eyes wide open is paramount.

Take a Spa Management course and research the industry deeply. Running a spa is not a cake walk; in fact it’s shockingly complex.

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