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Superior People Practices – Self Questionnaire


Never underestimate the power of personality.

Let’s see how your doing.  I’d like you to answer the 5 questions listed below. If you are a Leader or Manager, Go2 #1; if you are an Employee, Go2 #2. Answer each question and then rate yourself, between 1 and10.


1. Leader/Manager (These are Motivators)

How would you rate yourself on each of these motivators?

Yes No   (1-10)
    Clarifies expectations and each employee’s “fit” in the company  
    Shows enjoyment in being there and promotes a sense of fun  
    Upholds a strong sense of fair play and professionalism  
    Spends time with each employee  
    Creates ongoing opportunities to communicate  
    Encourages personal and team success, growth and development  
    Involves key players in the decision making process  
    Encourages creativity  
    Keeps everyone “in the loop”  
    Rewards good behavior/results; disciplines poor behavior/results  

2. Employee (These are Admirable Attributes)

How do you measure up on these admirable attributes?

Yes No   (1-10)
    Displays a positive attitude and a friendly smile  
    Is honest and maintains a professional attitude  
    Is friendly towards staff and management  
    Knows when it’s time to work and when it’s time to play  
    Sets personal achievement goals  
    Encourages team growth by sharing information and knowledge  
    Volunteers assistance wherever necessary  
    Shares in the good and bad  
    Is dependably on time and present  
    Is part of the solution, not the problem  

Getting the most out of your day …

Most of the time, the success of our day depends on our overall attitude and our subsequent behaviours. Perhaps one of the most important considerations that we can take with us each day, is the way we choose to interact and respond to the people and things in our surroundings, which will be a direct reflection of how we in turn, are received and treated.

Positive actions and responses are the most contagious gift we can

give ourselves and others.

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