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Ten Spa

Ten Spa

Opened since March 2006

Type of Spa:
Day Spa/Hotel Spa/Destination Spa/Holistic Spa

Size of Spa:
10,000 square feet

Number of Employees: 51

Number of Treatment Rooms:
11 Treatment Rooms
6 Pedicure/Manicure stations
1 Hamam Treatment Room

Types of Treatments Offered:
16 Specialty Facials
12 Massage Treatments
7 Specialty Body Treatments
5 Hand & Foot Treatments
Canada’s only Co-Ed Hamam Treatments

Business Stats
Software Program Used: Springer Miller
Compensation Method: Fixed/Commissions/Incentive
Product Lines Used: Jurlique, Epicuren, B Kamins
Top 3 Selling Services:
Ten’s Signature Full Body Massage
Ten’s Signature Deep Detox Facial
Hamam 101+

Contact Information:
204 946 6520 or Toll Free 866 585 0772

About Ten Spa

The Fort Garry Hotel, built by the Grand Trunk Railway in 1911, is a Winnipeg, Manitoba, icon and is designated as a national historic site. It has set the standard for grandeur, elegance, and fine cuisine for close to 100 years. It is the only independently-owned and managed railway hotel in Canada. The recent addition of the stunning Ten Spa to The Fort Garry elevates this icon to world class.

Ten Spa encompasses the entire tenth floor of the hotel, and provides the ultimate spa experience. This urban destination spa is, in the words of one of the guests, “what I imagined a spa to be”. Treatment at Ten begins the moment a guest walks through the door and encounters the beautiful and serene reception area – an oasis of bliss. Every detail of the waiting lounge, the luxurious change rooms and steam rooms, and the post-treatment relaxation lounge are designed to pamper and rejuvenate guests in elegant surroundings. Stunning art work, many pieces by Canadian artists, lend a gallery-like feel to the space.


Ten Spa is a treatment-based spa that offers a full complement of advanced therapeutic services, based on four years of research at many of the world’s foremost spas, and at specialized ethnic parlours. The treatments offered at Ten have been painstakingly developed by deconstructing the best scientific, folk and old-school European traditions, then rebuilding them using various product lines, resulting in a unique signature line of treatments. The initial treatment line was developed and tested a year before Ten Spa opened to ensure that the best possible treatments would be available for clients the day Ten opened its doors. Treatments and products are continuously evaluated and refined, as required. Whether it’s a facial, body scrub or rub, massage, body cocoon, pedicure or manicure, Ten’s cutting-edge treatments provide unequalled results which correct, replenish, soothe and nurture.


Once each treatment is created, staff are trained to customize each service from five different product lines to find skin and body care solutions for each client. All Ten Spa treatments are designed for both men and women. Staff includes expert aestheticians and registered massage therapists. Senior staff members are often included on road trips to first-class spas in other cities, exposing them to innovative products and techniques and enhancing their professional development.

Physical Amenities

Not only the treatments, but also the physical amenities at Ten are unique. The men’s and women’s change rooms feature state-of-the-art steam rooms, with built-in aroma, brine and light therapy. These were custom built by a German manufacturer, and are its first North American installation. Experiential showers provide cold fog and tropical mist sprays. Clients can relax pre- and post-treatment in a full-service licensed waiting lounge, and enjoy a complimentary beverage, such as African Rooibos herbal tea, and a custom-made light snack of whole-wheat cookies, flax seed muffins, or specially baked pita. In addition, an all-white relaxation lounge with soft lighting, couches, down pillows, and blankets is the perfect place to nap between treatments or complete the Ten Spa experience.


The pride of Ten Spa is the exclusive hamam, a modern reinterpretation of the Turkish- Roman hot air bathing ritual researched from visits to Istanbul, Munich, Paris, London, New York and Vancouver. Throughout its history, the hamam was much more than the place for one’s weekly cleanse; it was also a place for celebrations. Ten’s stunning marble-clad, fiber-optically lit facility is the only co-ed treatment hamam in Canada. It can be enjoyed either as a private party room or booked individually.

The hamam is maintained at temperatures between 45 at 50 degrees with mild ambient steam. The walls, floor and seating areas are heated and moisture is generated from the extensive use of water utilized throughout treatments. Prior to entering the hamam, guests dressed in a traditional Turkish wrap (pestemal) relax in a tea room where they are offered Turkish tea and a small sweet.

Upon entering the hamam, the first stop is the aromatic salt scrub area where warm aromatic salts are self-applied while seated on a heated bench. Guests then lie prone on a large communal heated marble platform to continue the cleansing ritual. A hamam attendant pours water from a marble urn over the guests, washing off the salts and sending up clouds of steam. A foot and scalp massage may also be included. Guests proceed with the hamam treatments at a leisurely pace. There are several water basins throughout the hamam for guests to fill a bowl (tas) and pour hot, warm, cool or cold water over themselves. When appropriate, an attendant escorts the guest to a private heated massage table for the traditional soap scrub using olive oil soap (seif), and full-body exfoliation (gommage) using a special mitt (kese). After hair is washed by the attendant, the guest’s hamam experience concludes with rest time in the relaxation lounge where a traditional salted yogourt drink (aram) is served.

As in ancient times, regular visits to the hamam will not only cleanse your skin but will detoxify your body, strengthen your immune system and deliver a healthy feeling of well being.


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