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Multi function room set up

A question submitted to Spas2b:

Can you tell me how to decide which services I should offer in my multi function rooms and anything I should be considering to make them work the best?


Our Response:

When you are setting up a multi-purpose room, your needs during the room’s development will be more universal.

In order to decide first which services you will want in each room, you’ll need to consider many things:

  • what your target market is telling you their preferences are;
  • your overall available space;
  • traffic flow and proximity to other rooms or areas that impact this service;
  •  maintenance requirements;
  • room turnover between servcies; popularity of service in question (more and better real estate to those services with higher popularity and margins);
  • which other services it will work best with;
  • staff availability and professionalism; and so on.

We usually stick to dry multi rooms and wet multi rooms

Your dry multi rooms might house massage, facials, and perhaps dry body treatments and hair removal, your choice. Due to floating contaminents from pedicure treatments, as a precaution we no longer administer pedicures in treatment rooms, particularly facial rooms.

Your wet multi rooms may house all wet treatments, and perhaps if you had a massage converter top in the Vichy or tub room, you would be able to also house therapeutic massage.

Once you know your rooms sets up, you need to consider lighting; electrical; plumbing; HVAC (heating, ventillation and air conditioning); insulation; flooring; wall and surface finishes; music; storage; size of entrance, etc. For example, in your dry multi rooms, if you are housing massage; facial; hair removal and body treatments, your lighting requirements would be wall sconces on dimmers for massage and facial; task lighting for hair removal; maybe a ceiling infrared to keep clients warm during body treatments; and undermount task lighting at the sink. That’s four kinds of lights.

And regarding electrical: generally 110 amp, 7 volt is satisfactory for most dry treatment rooms, but if you’re doing heated body treatments, some equipment may take 220 volt which will require a separate plug. As well, if you have electric treatment tables, ideally you will want those electrical outlets in the floor. You will also want to have a good understanding of which pieces of electrical facial equipment will be used, so you can determine the number of outlets. Always have GFI outlets at the sink. So simply knowing which rooms you will do what in, is the first step, there are many other considerations to ensure your rooms run efficiently once opened.  Leslie Lyon

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