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Oh Spa


Spa Particulars
Name of Spa: Oh Spa
Open Since: October 31, 2008
Hours of Operation: 9 am to 9 pm
Type of Spa: Destination Spa, Full Service Day Spa, Relaxation Lounge,
Wellness Program, Boutique
Size of Spa: 4500 square feet, plus conference rooms, year-round outdoor pool,
and hot tub
Number of Employees: Between 20 to 25 in the first year
Number of Treatment Rooms: 12
Types of Services and Treatments Offered: All types of massages including
couples, sports, deep tissue, Swedish, Thai, hot rocks; men’s hand-care and
sports foot-care, manicures and pedicures, facials, hair studio, makeup,
wraps, waxing, aromatherapy, steam-room, dry-infrared sauna, Vichy shower,
hydrotherapy tub, couples’ infinity Jacuzzi tub, acupuncture, wellness program.Business Stats
Software Program: Decision-making in progress
Compensation Method: Salary/wage plus commission, team-based incentives
Product Lines: Working with Ilike and Seaflora plus considering two others
Top 3 Featured Services: Health and Wellness, Massages, Hand and Foot Care
Location: 1800 Riverside Lane, Courtenay, B.C. V9N 8C7
Temporary Phone: Roger McKinnon, 1-877-999-1707
Temporary Email: roger-mckinnon@shaw.caKey Players In Spa Development
Owners: Roger McKinnon and Rob Fuller of “R & R Resort Developments”
Spa Educator and Consultant: Leslie Lyon, President, Spas2b Inc.
Consultant: Raoul
Architectural Team: Stacey McGhee, Miroslaw Paprotny of “Zeidler Partnerships”
Interior Design: Teresa Ryback of “tdSwansburg Design Studio”, Roger McKinnon,
Wendy Williston
Project Managers: Owners
Construction: Gauthier Developments

Advice To Those Opening A Spa

Take a recommended spa development and management course and listen closely to the advice offered by all experts in their fields, critically evaluating how it fits with your project. It is critical to follow your personal vision and your intuitive instincts about your unique circumstances. If your gut tells you to take a particular path, then it is probably the right one for you to follow.

The Story Of Oh Spa

Personal Business Background and Philosophy

Business partners Roger McKinnon and Rob Fuller have been spa and health  enthusiasts for over 15 years. They have owned a fitness centre in Nanaimo for  the past two years, while Fuller owned another fitness centre for five  years previously.

They and their wives believe in and use alternative health and wellness  practices. When designing the Old House Village Suites and Hotel, Oh Spa  became the obvious focal point. Phase I of the hotel was completed in 2006,  saving “la piece de la resistance” until this fall.

When faced in 2006 with the business and financial challenges that lay ahead  with the spa, McKinnon sought out the expertise and advice of Leslie Lyon of  Spas2b Inc. and took her week-long course in Kitchener, Ontario. “I hold Leslie’s course and her experience in the highest regard. She truly understands all of the components of this business, from start-up through to completion, customer service, staffing and management. It was an excellent program which excited and empowered me to undertake what seemed like a monumental task.”

“Rob and I are baby boomers, as are our wives. Baby boomers want to look great  and live longer than previous generations. While they want to be totally  pampered head to toe, they also really need to be relieved from stress, which  is the number one concern today,” McKinnon stated. “It is no accident that the  spa industry is seeing the tremendous growth that it has been. The truth is  that surviving and thriving in this hectic, technologically plugged-in age is  actually going to require spa wellness treatments as part of one’s regular health regime. Rob and I understand this, and we want it for ourselves, our  partners, our families, our friends, and for our community.”

The Spa Environment

Using the beaches, forests, and waterfalls of Vancouver Island as our inspirational guide, Oh Spa’s design is evocative of a worn pebble in sand, a ripple in  pristine water, the moss and ferns laced over rocks lining a rushing mountain  stream. A cool, serene nature-based colour palette instantly soothes and  calms. A soft splash of water from the two feature waterfalls accentuates the  inlaid pebble details on the floor. While natural elements and materials  dominate, crystal chandeliers and glass tile cast a sparkle of sophistication, and an exotic feature wall balances the watery motifs in order to bring  harmony. Fireplaces in the couples’ room and junior suites provide warmth and  comfort. Arts and Crafts and timber-frame craftsmanship seamlessly blend to  create this signature “West Coast Island Style”.

Each treatment room becomes a sanctuary; through natural materials and  products, and the latest in therapeutic treatments. Clients will be treated  hot or chilled drinks and chocolate on private patio areas, to fresh fruits and  hydrating beverages in the Relaxation Lounge, to views of the river and  mountains from the manicure-pedicure theatre, to sensual massages in poolside  cabanas overlooking the river. Every aspect of Oh Spa is designed to nourish  and nurture the soul.

The finest design and thoughtful details set Oh Spa and its partner, the Old  House Village Suites and Hotel apart from the rest, making them the gems of Vancouver Island.

Management and Staff

Oh Spa recently hired a manager out of Vancouver with 25 years of experience in  the industry, at some of the best-known spas in the province. We are thrilled  with the talent that we are seeing in the people who have been approaching us  from all over Vancouver Island, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. We feel  excited to have secured some of the best in the spa industry. Many of our new  employees want the lifestyle change that only living on the Island can provide,  while they also want to work at a leading edge spa. At Oh Spa, they can have  the best of both worlds.

The most important component of our success is certain to be outstanding client  service, at a level far and above what anyone might expect to receive. Oh Spa  will even have individualized, personal music series for each client to choose  from upon each visit, which will be filtered through to their own treatment  rooms. We will know that we are achieving our goal once we have the same  clients coming through our doors and recommending us to others. In order to  achieve this goal, we need a passionate, dedicated, and loyal staff who feel  great about what they are doing to improve others’ lives. We will treat our  staff with great care and respect, and they, in turn, will treat our clients in  the same manner.

Specialty Treatments and How They Were Chosen

We really felt strongly that we wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, to not just provide a one-time, “feel good” experience, but, rather, to achieve a level of continuing partnership with people in their ongoing mastery of health and wellness. Our specialty treatments reflect this philosophy. Massage is key to wellness so it is a must to emphasize this service. It also happens to be key for a spa’s survival, since the vast majority of income comes from this service alone. Men are fast becoming a greater portion of spa clientele and they want to feel comfortable and manly while seeking more than just massages. Our male clients won’t be offered Manicures and Pedicures, but rather, “Hand Maintenance” and “Sports Foot Upkeep”! Special community events, like Single Mothers’ Night, will be held in midweek to fill the spa, spread the word, and  allow these services to be more affordable for everyone.

Product Lines and How They Were Chosen

Oh Spa will be featuring natural products that have a West Coast appeal – wild, organic, and spiritually attuned. So far, we are mainly working with Ilike and Seaflora, but we are also considering two others. There will be a variety of price points and special promotions to make the products more accessible for more people.

Awards and Recognition

While Oh Spa has not yet opened, the Old House Village Suites and Hotel has already accumulated an impressive array of awards, ranging from Best New Commercial Hospitality Property from the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board, to the Best New Business of the Year by the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce, to three Gold CARE Awards, and seven Silver CARE Awards by the BC Chapter of the Canadian Home Builders Association. The hotel boasts fully equipped accommodations, sold by quarter-ownership, 47 one-bedroom suites, 2 two-bedroom suites, and 30 studio suites enveloping a renowned gourmet restaurant, and encompassed by gorgeous gardens overlooking the Courtenay River. Golfing, fishing, shopping, kayaking, hiking, birdwatching, skiing and the international airport are all within immediate reach. Occupancy rates at the hotel are already exceptionally high, and the opening of Oh Spa is expected to push these even higher.

Goals and Future Vision

When Oh Spa has achieved becoming an oasis of peace for our clientele here in  the Comox Valley, then we may look at opening others. For now, we will  concentrate first on earning the loyalty of our clients in Courtenay, which  will be both a challenge and a pleasure.


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