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Kocoon Spa

Kocoon Spa

Spa Particulars
Name of Spa: KOCOON Spa Lounge & Elixirs
Status:  Open
Hours of Operation: 11am – last order 8pm
Type of Spa: Spa Lounge
Size of Spa: 2,100 Sq. Ft.
Number of Employees: 7, still hiring
Number of Treatment Rooms: 2 + 4 manicure stations +12 hand & foot spa/ body parts massage stations
Types of Treatments Offered:Aromatherapy body massage, facials, body exfoliation and wrap, waxing, manicure, pedicure, themed hand & foot spa.Business Stats
Compensation Method: Monthly salary + commission
Product Lines Used: Pevonia for Spa treatments. Cuccio Naturale, OPI, Creative, Natural Field, U Max for nail treatments.
Top 3 Selling Services: Aromatherapy Facial with Pevonia line, and Milk & Honey Pedicure.
Contact Information: Maika Endo 0086-138 116 219 79, maika.endo@kocoonspalounge.com
3/F, Nali Garden North Building, 81 Sanlitun North Street, Chaoyang District Beijing.

Your Valued Advice to those Opening a Spa

Keep the faith no matter what people tell you! You will hear discouraging things, you will be let down by some people; disappointed at times; and a lot of difficulties that you never thought of, will appear one by one – but never give up and always exercise your fighting spirit!

It is also an enormous mind boost to attend seminars where professionals share their experiences and passion. You not only learn a lot, but also get new inspirations and ideas to keep you moving forward.

Be ready that the opening schedule and the budget that you estimate will not always go forward as you think. Have some margin for the time being and the financial backing to go beyond your forecast. But you should hold on in any case, believing that you will make it.


I have lived in China for 6 years now, and my mother has been visiting me every year from Paris, enjoying the fact that we can afford here what we can’t afford back in France: fancy restaurants; massage and beauty parlors; affordable cocktails in hip bar lounges, etc.

One of the things we appreciated the most was to go for a body massage in the evening, after a hard day of work. At that time I was working in Marketing & Events for a media company, and my mother was working as a Freelance Fashion Consultant in Paris. Through my work, I had the chance to discover a lot of nice places. It’s very easy to get addicted to the diva lifestyle in Beijing! In 2005, I started my own event company with an American partner. The company is called BLINK EVENTS and focuses on the coordination of events around music and international acts. I quickly realized that I enjoyed working more for myself than for a “boss” and that I was born to be an entrepreneur. With my mother, we slowly went towards the idea that we wanted to create a company together and use the opportunity of my experience in China.

Having been raised in my childhood by a Doctor father, in a family where all the males are in the medicinal field, I was interested very early in nutrition, health and wellness. I always insisted on massaging my father when he came back from work. After the age of 4, we went to France and was raised by my French father there, who we lost to cancer 5 years ago. During his illness, we tried hand-healing sessions with a friend of my mothers, which turned out to be relieving to him, but it was just too late. At this time, we also discovered the power of Aromatherapy and other alternative medicines.

On the other hand, my mother was working in fashion and thus, was very interested in beauty maintenance. Both our jobs made us very sensitive to trends, and we saw in China, the booming spa market. We thought it was only evident that we were meant to set up a spa! After studying the Spa market all around Beijing, we also looked for seminars in Paris, to learn more about the industry. Since we were not from the industry, we were aware of the necessity to gain the knowledge and expertise, but we didn’t know from where to start. It seemed that all the programs were either tailored to professionals already in the field, or for people who can dedicate at least a year to specific studies.

In 2006, our internet searches brought us to Spas2b and Leslie Lyon. Leslie teaches the Successful Spa Start Up, Management & Operations Course of study just outside Toronto, Ontario. The program seemed to be exactly what we were looking for, so we packed our stuff and my mom flew to Canada from Paris, and I flew in from Beijing. The seminar was more than what we had hoped for. We met a very professional Spa expert willing to transmit her passion. Leslie connected us to other professionals from the industry, widening up our horizons, filled us with stories and books, and tips etc…we met Spa owners and heard all kind of stories which made us understand the difficulties and hurdles of this job, and we knew one day, we would be in their position…

It took us 2 years to find the right space. During these 2 years, real estate prices kept on rising while the dollar kept on falling…and then we found this old building from the army. At that time it was just an old building that looked like a school, but I saw more potential there than anywhere else. There was a little courtyard patio with giant trees in the middle, and also each building had a huge terrace overlooking Sanlitun, the centre of leisure in Beijing. A Chinese lady and her Spanish husband sub-lease the building, and they started the renovation last winter.

The expatriate community is pretty tight in Beijing, so I knew the Spanish husband from the Spanish Tapas restaurant he owns, and he also showed up at some events I organized. I trusted his taste and believed in their concept and in their will to make NALI GARDEN a unique place, with style and dynamism.

Now most of the renovation is complete, but some spaces are still empty because of the Olympic break, but it already looks nice, with a colorful Mediterranean style. It’s amazing what they did to the place! Fortunately, with such a relaxed atmosphere surrounding the courtyard, many people gather and enjoy drinks or eating and shopping, and our spa concept fits in perfectly.


Kocoon was created out of a shared passion to set a new standard in Spa experiences. Kocoon is Beijing’s first residential style Lounge for men and women to enjoy Spa elixirs for hand, foot, face and body, along with teas & infusions from all around the world.

Our mission is to make a difference to the quality of people’s lifestyle so that they can reveal their best personal self, by providing permanent and consistently superior services, in the most sanitary environment and a friendly atmosphere.

We design our therapies to promote and enhance wellness with a global approach that encourages the renewal of mind, body and spirit with a special attention to detail, to make your journey relaxing and inspiring as possible.


We have themed manicure & pedicures using Cuccio Naturale from Italy featuring Milk & Honey; Pomegrenate and Fig; Tuscan Citrus; and Papaya and Guava Nectar.

Our Aromatherapy body massage is very relaxing and soothing, as is a soak in our marble tub. Relaxing body massage is rare in Beijing, where most places tend to do the Tui Na style of massage.

Tui Na is an integral part of Chinese medicine and is a hands-on-body treatment, often used with acupuncture and/or acupressure. It is a manipulative therapy whose purpose is to bring the body into balance by removing blockages along the meridians, opening the body’s chi energy to bring about healing. It may include anything from light stroking to deep tissue work.

Kocoon’s Difference

  • Staff highly trained by Japanese Spa expert Yoko Shinobu, including hospitality and techniques.
  • Nail technicians well-versed in all the latest nail care trends and techniques thanks to our Award Winning Nail Art Expert Rumi Kim (www.loveruminail.com.cn).
  • A large Tea Bar featuring teas and infusions from all around the world.
  • International standards in hygiene and sanitation.
  • For our client’s safety, we have selected high quality products & tools imported from Japan, Italy and USA that take care of the skin and nail’s health.
  • A huge selection of nail polish colors (165 colors to choose from)
  • To expect in the future: Educative workshops and Spa parties!


About Leslie

Spas2b Inc. is a full service Spa Development company, specializing in Online Spa Management Distance Learning Courses, Spa Business Manual Instant Downloads & Resources, and Spa Consulting Services.
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