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Extraordinary Spa Professionals


The Ingredient that’s missing in the struggle for success is “Focus”

You must have a focus in your career as a Spa professionalYou simply cannot move through each day without a professional growth plan.  You will find yourself working for mediocre businesses, doing mediocre work, and feeling less than satisfied with your mediocre career.

This path is wide for those who demonstrate pride in their profession, and integrity in their person.

Behaviour #1:  Set an Example

The spa professional who sets an example for other spa professionals to emulate, is refreshing and contagious.  Here are some ideas: Show voluntary acceptance of management decisions; always demonstrate a desire to please; keep your promises; and respect processes.  You’ll see that these positive behaviours are much more nutritious to the soul, than negative ones.

Behaviour #2 – Become the Expert

 A great spa professional takes personal initiative to self-educate.  Higher educational achievements will literally be your strongest, singular advantage for the life of your career. Knowing more than most, provides you with the right to position yourself as an expert, and the unique opportunity to use that knowledge to help others.

Behaviour #3 – Improve your Performance 

Understand the spa metrics (key performance indicators) that apply to your position, and know where you can improve your output.  Consider these: Your daily productivity levels (actual vs. maximum potential); your average ticket selling price (your retail and service sales combined, per client); and your sales per hour (how much you generate in revenue per hour), just to name a few.  If you want to be the best, you MUST know where you stand.

Behaviour #4 – Develop your Specialty

What if you were to study what’s missing in your world of business, and within yourself, and blend those findings together to design your one of a kind professional niche?  And then what if you were to aggressively and persistently market it as your specialty, never deviating from it?  Now that’s focus…and it works.

Behaviour #5 – Help grow the Business

An outstanding spa professional supports the business by helping to improve its image; boost awareness in the community; gain new clients; and retain existing ones.  All of the 4 behaviours mentioned above lend themselves to this optimal outcome.  It’s personal and it’s professional.  If you have developed your professional profile and given freely of it wherever you are employed, you have earned and are entitled to the position of “Extraordinary Spa Professional”.

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