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Spa Owners are demanding Spa Director / Management Education


If you’re out there looking for a Spa Management position right now, you’ve probably heard this question many times:

“Have you got Spa Management Education or Training?”.


While experience working in a spa has always been the #1 priority, education is now being taken just as seriously

I have witnessed an individual with business management experience from OUTSIDE of the spa industry, and who has taken a Spa Management course, hired OVER an individual with direct Spa Management experience and no Management education.

You see, experience is very good, but not all businesses have good management systems in place, so if your position as a Spa Director didn’t give you a background on finances; marketing; and good operational systems, then someone from outside the business with this direct experience, may just as easilly be able to satisfy an Owner, particularly if they also have taken the initiative to complete a Spa Management course.

Education has become paramount, probably for two reasons:

1) Competition is increasing and in order to sustain the business, the spa must have strict in-place systems that provide business clarity; clear direction; and professionalism, which ultimately saves time and money, and;

2) Managers are very busy and while they may have time to introduce their Manager/Director to the business, in-depth “start at scratch training ” is often just not an option; in many cases you will be expected to step in and take over with minimal supervision and guidance.


Having said all of this, Spa Directors are very hard to find and probably hold the title of “most sought after professional in the industry”. So, being that it is an employee’s market right now, many will “get away with” not having adequate experience or education, and still land a Management position.

But the glory doesn’t last for long. Frustration, isolation, and eventual burn out are common outcomes with Spa Directors.

If you really want to feel the rewards that can come with this fascinating position, you must arm yourself with everything that is available out there

Once you land the job, you’ll have very little time for anything else, particularly a lengthy management program, and research in off-hours becomes non-existent, because you need down time and haven’t the stamina to go 24/7.

My advice is to consider educating yourself now.  Yes, I am suggesting you consider our Spa Management Distance Learning Course…it was created because of this desperate need, and it suits anyone’s schedule. You’ll be miles ahead of the game and better able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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