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Improve Business Outcomes with our 5 Business Basics

1.  On Demand Monitoring System

It should be quick and easy for you to obtain an instantaneous status report on sales and services, any time of the day.  When you aren’t on site, or simply when you need to know, your front desk should be able to call up this data and recite results, on the spot.  Decide which metrics best represent the heart beat of your business, such as: service & retail sales per square foot; new appointment bookings; customer complaints; and unfulfilled appointments.

2. Staff Mini-Marketing Program

Your staff may believe that it’s solely up to you to keep them busy.  Is it really?  I believe that staff should be monitored and evaluated on their contributions to the business and its bottom line, including: # of new client requests & referrals; # of clients with goal-setting programs; and # of times they represent the Spa at business events.

3. Focus on Favourites

Now is the time for you to cut the fat. Take that handful of treatment favourites, the ones that are most requested by most clients, and that have the best margins as determined by you, and FOCUS solely on them. Stop trying to please everyone and just give them what they really want.

4. Bump up your Referral Program

Your existing clients are your VIPs. Critique your service delivery systems daily and find ways to enhance every touch point of every clients visit.  Develop a referral program that gives your client’s measurable (numerical) and meaningful rewards. FOCUS on this program; if you are doing your job, it will do its job.

5. Fast Forward to 1 Year from Now

What’s coming down the pipes?  Know that good will no longer be good enough.  Will you be ready to hit the ground running?  Will you know what your clients consider to be worthy?  Will your staff still be with you?

Build and solidify your relationships with your staff.  Train them, mentor them, lean on them.

Build your fighting spirits and strengthen the team to make survival your collective goal TODAY.


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