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Workplace Polarity: Mastering the Push & Pull in our Relationships – Part 1 of 4

By Jill Cressy & Leslie Lyon

In the workplace we need to blend our masculine and feminine qualities

Whatever our current purpose – passive or assertive, leadership or partnership, buyer or seller. Consider that you have the power to guide situations and achieve greater influence over desired outcomes.

What if you learned to respond rather than react to triggers? The art of embracing every business and life circumstance with the belief that your behaviours motivate other’s decisions is truly a life-altering lesson.

We all miss simple opportunities every day, to knock the socks off not only our customers, but with everyone we come in contact with. No matter what your job description is, when you learn how to cultivate the use of superior people practices in your place of business, and in your life, you’ll be helping to unearth everyone’s proud purpose…especially your own.

Today we’d like to talk about empowering your inner character to do just that. There is great beauty that manifests when we make decisions with strength and style, aware of the “bigger picture”. Respecting the whole organizational system with which you work in gives birth to a new, hidden, inner strength. It emerges with a passion that may have been dormant in you for years – this is the recognition that it is solely up to you to take hold of the opportunities that are in front of you – and to be and do your best, every day, starting today.

It’s not up to your leader to make it better and it’s not the responsibility of your peers, or your loved ones, this responsibility lies squarely and surely on your very own shoulders.


You’ve told us you need your staff to better understand and support your business – that you’d like them to “think like a manager”. You’ve said you need new ways to motivate your staff and inspire action and results. You know that an Employee who shows interest in learning and supporting what makes the business tick, is an exceptional asset to the business. But are you taking the initiative in growing your talent into the performers you want them to be?


You say you wish your boss could just see things more clearly from your perspective. You wish your efforts were recognized and that you felt more motivated and inspired to achieve. Leaders who innovate faster, offer opportunities and deliberately develop employees grow a strong, loyal team. But are you sure you are pulling your collaborative weight? Are you generously sharing your strengths and talents to help improve the status of the business in order to enjoy these rewards and recognition?

In the Spa business, we have many quick, one-time visits from customers and they are an important part of the big picture.

But if we view every client as a potential life-long relationship, this brings a much greater promise of success into the picture; theirs and yours. What we do for our clients in the treatment room is essential, but it’s what we give freely to them on the human level that really makes the difference.

Same goes with our co-workers – working smarter is not always about money, sometimes it’s about deep caring and genuine compassion from our heart.


Jill Cressy is the Assistant Manager of Fitness and Instruction at the Faculty of Physical Education and Health, University of Toronto. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Education, Higher Education (Emphasis on Leadership) at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education where she is completing research on voice coaching for speakers. Ms. Cressy completed her Bachelor Degree in Physical and Health Education and certified as a Can-Fit-Pro Fitness Instructor Specialist, Black Belt Nia Instructor, PhysicalMind Institute Pilates Instructor, CALA Aquafitness Instructor, GRAVITY Group Instructor and Personal Trainer. She has presented workshops on leadership, energy management, movement and voice coaching for a variety of organizations.


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