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Workplace Polarity: Mastering the Push & Pull in our Relationships – Part 2 of 4

Yin: Feminine Energy

In yoga we talk about Yin and Yang energy, our feminine and masculine qualities. Every person requires both of these energies in the workplace. It’s not about balance, it’s about ‘energetic play’, the dance of ‘pull’ and ‘push’— the duality and polarity that exists in each and every one of us.

There are situations in our working day that require Yin instinct while other situations call upon our Yang qualities.

Our feminine energy is the ability to be flexible, to go with the flow, to surrender to the moment, to be open and receptive to different viewpoints, and to embrace situations as they arise, to let situations unfold without attempting to control the outcome. This is our Yin essence. It brings us into the now, allowing us to connect more intimately with the moment, to caress the ‘be’ rather than the ‘do’.

For example, when we feel anger we can embrace the emotion by allowing ourselves to feel the anger fully…in our heart, in our chest, in our back, up and down our spine, in our cell tissues, throughout every thread of our being, knowing it’s ok to be with this emotion, trusting that the anger is here for a purpose.

The anger can be perceived as a friend, a cooperative energy. It shows us that whatever we’re responding to has meaning, and we don’t necessarily have to figure out or feel out the message, we just need to be present with the anger even if it’s just a few seconds.

The Yin essence is to trust the experience, to hang out in that uncomfortable place long enough to let it move around, understanding that this emotion has a right to exist, realizing it’s ok to be not ok, that it’s necessary to be vulnerable at times for submissiveness is part of our make up and it’s here to provide support.

By giving ourselves permission to feel anger throughout the entire body, we let the anger move through our system. If we deny the anger and try to shift it before feeling it fully, then it just gets filed and shows up later as tension or illness, challenging our immune system and the organization’s immune system.

Accepting the anger, breathing with it, allowing it to run its course helps it do what it needs to do, and it knows exactly what it’s doing.

Allow the beautiful red-hot anger to be felt. Let it spread through the entire body so it can dissolve and disappear.


Jill Cressy is the Assistant Manager of Fitness and Instruction at the Faculty of Physical Education and Health, University of Toronto. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Education, Higher Education (Emphasis on Leadership) at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education where she is completing research on voice coaching for speakers. Ms. Cressy completed her Bachelor Degree in Physical and Health Education and certified as a Can-Fit-Pro Fitness Instructor Specialist, Black Belt Nia Instructor, PhysicalMind Institute Pilates Instructor, CALA Aquafitness Instructor, GRAVITY Group Instructor and Personal Trainer. She has presented workshops on leadership, energy management, movement and voice coaching for a variety of organizations.

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