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Workplace Polarity: Mastering the Push & Pull in our Relationships – Part 3 of 4

Masculine: Yang Instinct and onwards

Other circumstances in our day require Yang instinct, our masculine energy. We can’t be in the now so much that we fail to think about the future. We need to stay grounded in the practical world and be able to function in a setting that has rules and policies.

It is useful to crank on our Yang instinct to create specific goals, give direction, take initiative and set boundaries with clear-cut intentions. We need to be able to write outlines, fill out forms, make decisions and find solutions, plan budgets and pay the bills. These tasks require a more aggressive ‘push’ energy, our masculine instinct to control. It’s a penetrative energy required to break through barriers, to cut through obstacles, to take action.

We can’t deny the benefits of natural Yang instinct. Male or female, we all need a certain degree of push in our life. The art and skill is to consciously change the Yin/Yang ratio. For example, the choice to speak up or shut up is a frequent workplace challenge. We need to realize when it’s appropriate to share our truth and when it’s appropriate to be patient and listen. When we learn the dance of ‘pull’ and ‘push’ and consciously shift our Yin and Yang, we naturally feel more vital.

It’s when our Yin and Yang are out of whack that we feel on edge, off, out of sorts, confused, and frustrated. Disharmonious Yin/Yang results in misplaced anger. We think we are angry with a particular person, or frustrated by a certain situation, when we’re really angry and frustrated at ourselves for not letting our Yin/Yang energy to manifest in healthy form.

It’s our birthright to be vibrant. To liberate life force fully through our entire body we need to allow our feminine and masculine energy to stay active yet in the flow, the marriage of ‘be’ and ‘do’ with Yin and Yang shifting as situations, needs and desires change.

The workplace challenge of knowing when to speak up and when to stay silent mentioned earlier, is a critical one to master. Tuning into the inner voice requires feminine Yin energy, while using the outer voice (speaking) requires Yang energy.

Through the New Age movement we heard about intuition. We learned about our gut instincts, hunches, and the importance of intuitive data that we download through signs, signals, conversations, dreams, and feelings. Many of us became skilled as natural intuitive readers. We can tap into our inner knowing and see through the drama.

We are able to observe rather than absorb all the toxic muck that goes down each day. We realize our co-worker’s blocks, defenses, and old tapes. We see the links and patterns in the situations that they personally attract, and the links and patterns in the situations that our organization attracts.  Some of us can even sense what’s going on with our colleague’s chakras, aura and electromagnetic field. And in cases where we know our co-workers well enough to understand their personal past, we see the family patterns that they re-create in the workplace. But is it our place to go there?

While it’s important for us to understand the core truth of the situation at hand, we don’t always need to share our insight. We can perceive the bigger picture of the immediate so called problem and make conscious choices as to what we do with this information.

We are not necessarily the messengers of all the messages that we receive, particularly if the person we are reading is not open to our message.

So, it is very useful to be aware of our inner voice, yet equally important to know when to keep this to ourselves.


Jill Cressy is the Assistant Manager of Fitness and Instruction at the Faculty of Physical Education and Health, University of Toronto. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Education, Higher Education (Emphasis on Leadership) at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education where she is completing research on voice coaching for speakers. Ms. Cressy completed her Bachelor Degree in Physical and Health Education and certified as a Can-Fit-Pro Fitness Instructor Specialist, Black Belt Nia Instructor, PhysicalMind Institute Pilates Instructor, CALA Aquafitness Instructor, GRAVITY Group Instructor and Personal Trainer. She has presented workshops on leadership, energy management, movement and voice coaching for a variety of organizations.


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