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1 Year Marketing Plan


Each year you should be developing a newly revised Marketing Plan. Your plan should be multi-dimensional, allowing you to reach your clients 7 times through 7 different mediums, and always viewed as a long-term, repetitive-messaging project.

At the end of each year, survey results:  Have you gained market share? Seen a better bottom line?

  1. Visual: Everything that your clients read, observe and experience in their “viewfinders” about you and your business must be expertly tied into each other. As Walt Disney once said, “There should never be an intrusion to the illusion”.
  1. Print Materials: Your print materials are an integral part of your visual imaging template and include everything from in-house signage, to your social comments. Be ingenious about every decision, or you’ll just get lost in the quagmire.
  1. Become an Industry Expert: Can you speak publicly…are you willing to try? Or does writing suit you better? You MUST choose one, or ideally, both! In order to grow your business, you must be viewed as an authority in the industry.
  1. Trade Shows; Consumer Events & Association Expos: Develop your strategy and attract an audience with your unique offerings. Use self-care education; new trends; and solution-driven approaches to capture attention.
  1. One on One Communication & Networking: Wherever it is that you can find exposure to your target market, you need to aggressively pursue it. If there are special events in your area (or internationally) that your target clients attend, go to them. Piggy back on local businesses where possible and “share” business opportunities.
  1. Internet Marketing: Developing your website into a social platform is a key component to your multi-dimensional marketing system. Incorporate a blog; a media room; translation button; eCommerce with a currency converter; newsletter sign up; full social sharing and following, and anything else that will capture the widest audience.
  1. Media & Publicity Campaigns: Know who the media moguls are in your industry. Get to know these individuals on a first name basis and keep the list constantly updated.  The media must be your friend!

And don’t forget that you’ll become familiar faster to your clients by showing your face in all of your marketing initiatives!



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