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It’s all about knowing how to sell your existing qualifications, and in particular, your upward potential.  

To land the best Spa Management position, here’s a winning formula:  Begin with research; create a customized resume; and give an interview that speaks to your target’s challenges and the industry’s demands.

I. Conduct your research

The more you know about the spa you apply to, the more promising your potential becomes. You can always enter the room without your homework done and hope it goes well, but hope is not a good plan. Just as going in unprepared could lose you this opportunity; your careful preparation could very well win you this job opportunity at becoming their Spa Manager.

Much of this information can be uncovered by viewing the spa’s website, their social networks, listening to word of mouth, and a bit of targeted surfing. But however you obtain this information, knowing these details will help you prepare an attention-getting resume that shows they are not a part of your mass mail out, but rather a pinpointed interest of yours. And once they’ve accepted your resume and granted you an interview, this information you have uncovered will enable you to provide pertinent answers to the possible questions on spa management, that may be asked of you during the interview, and that can be very impressive.

Having the insight to customize your resume, as well as prepare answers to possible scenarios that may arise in the interview, is a good position to take. I promise you, most interviewees do not prepare to this degree. But if you really want this job, there is no substitute for working hard at landing it.  Read more on Spa Directors…Proof or Potential?

II. Create a customized Resume

If you have made the decision to apply to this specific spa, your research should have told you that this spa fits into your desired long-term Spa Director career plan. It is therefore worth the investment in time for you to create a customized resume, which in most cases should only mean a bit of tweaking to your existing prototype.

Prepare and submit a customized resume that caters specifically to that spa. Know their protocol for resume submission, including the contact person and preferred format. Use the information you have researched on the spa, to submit a finished copy that will appeal to their brand and philosophy. Once the resume has been reviewed, and if it is impressive enough for you to be awarded an interview, here’s where you can really put the petal to the metal with the information you have gathered and really show the promise of your potential, not to mention commitment to landing this job.

Consider this: If you really want to dazzle them, don’t send a resume, share your story, with this free resume building program.

III. Prepare for the Interview

Even without that long list of spa management business credentials that others may have, you got the interview, which means something about you resonated with them. You are now well on your way to creating yourself a job opportunity based primarily on the promise of potential that you and your resume have demonstrated so far. Keep going…you can make this happen.  Read more on Spa Director Training, Education & Expertise.

1. Before the interview, recognize and acknowledge your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

2. From the research you have gathered on the company as mentioned above, have basic responses thought out for possible questions, in five categories: Finances, Marketing, Staffing, Customer Service and Operations. Use language that supports the spa’s brand & philosophy (while still being “real”)

3. Enter the room relaxed and confident, knowing that you are well prepared. Listen carefully

4. If desired and appropriate, consider opening up a casual conversation about the spa’s history or past highlights to show you know your subject. You could even dare to address a major challenge your findings have uncovered about them, and offer constructive ways to tackle the problem. These actions will certainly demonstrate strong initiative on your part, which always spells potential.

5. Ask questions about the job description, job growth potential, base compensation and incentives, and whatever else is important to you…make that list on paper before the interview

6. It is most likely that many of the questions that will be asked of you during the interview, are meant to help determine 3 things:

    1. If you are a fit with the company
    2. Whether you are capable of fixing the spa’s existing problems
    3. If you have the ability to open up future business opportunities for them.

7. If you are asked a question that hits on a weakness or threat of yours, balance it off with one of your strengths, or an opportunity. For example:

    1. Question from Interviewer: Do you feel comfortable speaking publicly as our spa spokesperson?
    2. Your Answer: I would be honored to work towards becoming your spokesperson. I am already an established writer, and I have built a good network of connections. I would be happy to be involved in getting articles and information on your spa’s “story” distributed through numerous off and online channels, as I work at honing my speaking skills. These two together, I think we could really boost the spa’s exposure.

*Read more about Your Story, their Journey, Part 1 and think about how you can improve upon your employer’s website by taking the reader on a journey throughout the life of the spa, with Your Story, Part 2.

8. With all of the information you have gathered on them, strive to cater your answers directly to the current challenges your research told you they may be experiencing. For example, you know they are thought of as being the most expensive spa in the neighborhood, which by some accounts could be considered a negative, unless handled correctly:

    1. Question from Interviewer: What kinds of initiatives would you undertake to draw in more clients to our spa, who are not so price sensitive?
    2. Your Answer: I would first ensure that the prices being charged are justified based on both proven and perceived value and customer demand. If need be, I would make any appropriate adjustments after gathering the facts. I would then market the business repetitively and aggressively to local and global markets who demand our level of quality and who understand that our superior value offerings come with a price.

Every great Spa Management position comes with commitment and determination…how’s yours?

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