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2012 ISAP Conference closes on an Inspired Note – Re-Blog


This Blog was written by my friend and spa colleague, Kathryn Stolle.  Kathryn is the Author of “Getting Great Spa on the road to Wellness”, and in my opinion, it is a must read. 

You can read all of Kathryn’s blogs at Getting Great Spa

Enjoy!  Leslie

What an incredible ISPA Conference this year in Orlando at the Gaylord Palms Resort! There were so many memorable moments, but for me it was the inspiring takeaways from three impactful keynotes that caused the conference to live up to its “Inspire” theme.

Keynote speaker, Jim Collins, author of Great by Choice, had some sage words of advice at Monday’s keynote for coping and surviving in the midst of chaos and uncertainty:

  • He based his concepts on a large body of systematic research conducted by his team and came to the conclusion that what makes a leader/company great is 1) fanatic discipline that leads to consecutive, disciplined and consistent performance, 2) empirical creativity, that is creativity that promotes innovation derived from a process that includes gathering as much relevant and targeted data as possible rather than shooting from the hip and 3) productive paranoia that uses fear as a tool to prepare for the worst and ensure that you are ready for when it does. Central to these three concepts lies a driving ambition and will to succeed.
  • He compared the two Antarctic explorers, Roald Amundsen and Robert F. Scott in terms of these three concepts in a compelling analysis of their respective journeys to the South Pole and reminded us that “greatness is a matter of conscious choice and discipline.”
  • Luck he defines as a discreet event that 1) you didn’t cause; 2) that produces significant consequences, good or bad and 3) that has surprising results. It comes to many, but it’s what we do with it when it comes that determines our ROL or Return On Luck. It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad, both can lead to positive outcomes with the right strategies in place.
  • Some other quotes that grabbed me: “Never confuse leadership and personality; leadership takes humility combined with ambition and will”…. “The secret to inspiration is to have relentlessly inspired values”…. “The only mistakes that you can profit from are those you survive”… “Bad decisions taken with good intentions are still bad decisions”… “True greatness delivers superior results, makes a distinctive impact and is lasting”… “Our quest is not to succeed, but grow.”

Jim Collins

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