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‘SpAdapt’ these 4 Trending Topics


There are so many interesting topics that are trending now, and if we in the spa business pay close attention, many of them we can ‘SpAdapt’ © to help both our businesses and the industry as a whole, stay strong and vibrant.  Here are just 4 of the numerous articles we at Spas2b have read recently, that we really feel are worth paying close attention to.  Enjoy!

1.  Dual Career Networking – A new way to find qualified staff?

We were very interested to come upon this article, as we at Spas2b have certainly noticed an increased number of international spa professionals contacting us to say their family is relocating to another country because their spouse has gained employment there, and now they need a job there too…can we help them?  Although Spas2b doesn’t have a formalized system to facilitate international placement, we do mediate networking efforts wherever possible.

But some (larger) companies, do have these kinds of programs in place, like Nestle for example.  Nestle extends relocation support to their staff’s spouses, including guidance services in navigating and entering into new job networks and local job markets.  Nestle has also recognized that many other large, global companies face the same challenges with dual career mobility, so Nestlé invited them to join in on an international placement program for spouses.  Soon this program will be in 6 countries around the world.

Smaller organizations are seeing similar results using LinkedIn and Facebook groups by creating ways for employers and spouses to connect, in advance of moves.  Multinational recruiters are happy to discover such qualified candidates, and spas are no exception.

SpAdapt:  Ramp up your recruiting efforts by embracing this new method of employee networking.  Whether it be a spa manager or spa therapist you are looking to recruit, take a proactive approach by making contact with multinational companies in your area, like Nestle, and social networking groups such as the IDCN International Dual Career Network on LinkedIn, who offer these kinds of spousal employment initiatives, and discover the possibilities.  CIBTAC, the international awarding body for our Spas2b Management courses, specializes in a wide range of internationally certified spa therapies within a culturally diverse student body; where relocation may be a welcomed opportunity.

2.  Social Media Security – Protecting your trade secrets

2013 has certainly seen it’s fair share of social media hacks and security threats, and until organizations implement smarter online security measures, the problem will only continue to escalate.

For many businesses, in order to take full advantage of social media, they want their employees in some or all departments, to become fully engaged in the conversation.  The person or persons in charge of social media at your company will probably know the ins and outs intimately, but employees across the company may not understand how to post correctly; how to see the signs of suspicious links; proper content creation and distribution; or the rules surrounding password protection.  Prevention is key, but if a worst case scenario does occur, you’ll need to know how to respond quickly.

SpAdapt:  Take these 5 steps reviewed on HootSuite’s Free Whitepaper to ensure your trade secrets and privacy rights are being respected:

      • Educate and train your employees
      • Centralize social media channels
      • Protect passwords
      • Institute a messaging approval process
      • Prepare for the worst.

3.  Dominating in Client Attraction – Make a ‘statement’

The spa industry is saturated, let’s face it.  As a result, it has become very difficult for clients to wade through the many experiences, value and benefits that are available to them.  Therefore, to win at client attraction, your statement must be convincing.  That means having a real understanding of the benefits that you provide to your clients, and to do this, you must be connected to your client base.  If you are practising good client attraction techniques, your personal conversations and marketing materials will be client centered and solution driven… otherwise you may be losing opportunities.  Check out Hubspot’s Marketing Grader to see how your website’s client attraction techniques are working.

SpAdapt:  Fabienne from the Client Attraction Business School says to start by writing out the specific and numerous benefits, results and solutions clients receive when using your business’s products and services.  What does your spa business really DO for your clients?  If you don’t know what that is, ask your current clients, “What have we done for you? What specific and tangible results have you gotten from our work?” They’ll tell you, in a language that OTHER prospective clients will understand.  Then create a series of statements from those benefits and solutions, simple enough for a child to understand and repeat.  Combine them into a captivating 3 or 4-sentence statement to use in all your marketing communications, and every time you meet someone new.  Remember that repetitive messaging is the key to dominating client attraction.

4.  Make Staff Engagement your new Mantra – Care-frontation, not confrontation

If your staff aren’t buying in, it probably means that you haven’t yet, either.  Just how exactly is your Return on Morale (ROM)?  No matter what it is we do in life, if we have a support system we are sure to do it bigger, better and with triumph!  Employee engagement can make or break your bottom line. You may be able to make a quick buck without engagement, but turning that buck into many bucks and developing an organization that will survive and thrive, means building a ‘me’ culture to a ‘we’ culture, says Irene Becker from the Human Side of Business.

SpAdapt:  Care first and communicate second, because you can’t make a fire with wet wood.  Use ‘care-frontation’, not confrontation. Develop new ways; a better style of communication that will build a bridge between what is and what can be.  Build a clear fence around expected and acceptable, and make sure that goals, objectives and expectations are crystal clear… but do it with care-frontation.   Your spa staff have great ideas and important viewpoints on client care, service menus, value incentives, employee satisfaction, business building ideas and your management techniques!  Staff engagement begins and ends with you.


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    • Leslie says:

      Dear William, Glad to hear you’re enjoying the Spas2b blog, and I thoroughly enjoyed looking through your website as well! Thanks for your support and I’ll look forward to hearing more about the many interesting subjects that Only William covers. Best, Leslie