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6 Facts that Impact your next Leg of Growth


What is the underlying state of your business’s future?

Do you need to ‘shore up’ so that you can own your tomorrow?

Here are 6 questions you can ask yourself as you strategize for the year ahead:

1.  How are you broadening your capabilities?

If a spa client or hotel guest cannot enjoy a treatment because there are not enough spa staff on site, increased revenue cannot be realized even when there is demand.  And if your booking staff are simply filling orders, not familiar with treatment combinations or how to interpret guest’s wants and needs in order to provide custom advice;  your spa average treatment and ticket price increases will remain limited, or even static.  But with focused tracking of the metrics that represent your client spends, and then rewarding your spa schedulers for their savvy scheduling tactics that result in increased service availability and consumption, you can most certainly broaden your results.

2.  Are you setting aside time to work deals during the day?

This can mean anything from price shopping new and existing vendors for better cost containment; negotiating a booking incentive to move a group from peak to non-peak hours; or vying for an employee candidate with a value packed proposal that will knock your competitors out of the running.  As the key strategist in the business, Spa Managers have to work every deal and create competition in all categories of their business, in order to get what they need to succeed.

3.  How do you find new ways to spark buyer curiosity?

It’s easy, just go write a ‘pain’ email.  Ben Settle suggests you think of all the pains your spa products and services solve.  For example, if you want to sell stress reduction (the #1 reason people visit the spa); pummel them with the painful realities that stress induces, such as back pain, head aches, agitation, bad skin, hair loss, premature aging and so on.  Don’t mention a single product, service, or benefit.  At the bottom of the email say See our ‘Feel Well Plan’ here:  (Insert URL)” and see what happens.  This reverse psychology may very well do a better job of ‘selling’ than traditional methods, because now they are looking for the solution, not guarding themselves against the sales pitch.

4.  How are you turning inspiration into action?

“Never confuse movement with action” Ernest Hemingway

Business is limited by management’s ability to find and implement strategies that turn excitement into action.  The next steps following a manager’s motivational pep talks and inspirational ideas might be clever staff training choices and meaningful staff incentive programs.  New knowledge pushes us to perform; recognizing areas of hidden opportunity makes us impatient to achieve; and the potential for reward encourages us to repeat our actions.  In summary; education excites the brain into action and incentives prompt us to duplicate those actions.

5.  Are you keeping a close eye on risk?

Combat the risk of losing clients to your competition by weaving a focused client data collection program into your business model.  If reception, reservations and spa therapists have the time to ask questions with the objective of building accurate and intimate customer profiles, you are now able to craft spa experiences that answer to your guest’s deepest desires.  This inevitably lowers the risk of lost loyalty, and results in heightened levels of guest retention and therefore increased revenue and future potential.

6.  Are your employment retention components strong enough?

Your staff want to know they are working for a winner.  Do they know what your unique competitive advantage is and what sets you, and therefore them, apart? Do you know how to identify the characteristics of retainable employees when its time to recruit, or are you destined to constantly combat turnover?  Do you recognize that your top performers are thinking about their career and are you working to help them stay with you?  Do you customize your employee retention efforts, or go with the one size fits all?  Are you aware enough to notice when a good performer slips into under performance?  Are you helping employees to succeed and grow, or just driving the bottom line?

Are you sufficiently prepared for your next leg of growth?


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