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New Spas2b Scholarship Program


The Spa Industry Association of Canada, Leading Spas of Canada and Spas2b Inc. are pleased to announce the launch of their Spa Management Scholarship Award Program.  The inaugural offering for this new Member Benefit program is:  Course #1 – Spa Start Up, Management & Operations Course of Study, provided by Spas2b Inc.

With such similar mandates, the Association and Spas2b have partnered to address a number of industry needs:

  1. To address the growing shortage of qualified industry resources and Spa Management educational opportunities for Spa industry entrepreneurs.
  2. To stimulate SIAC member owners to involve, train and reward their staff on more productive, sustainable business strategies.
  3. To encourage SIAC member manufacturers and distributorships to educate their staff and clients on how to achieve better all-round business outcomes.
  4. To encourage early participation in higher education to students in SIAC member schools and career colleges.

Therefore, the Ideal Scholarship Candidates are:

  • Developing Spa Professionals – For those who aspire to open, upgrade, consult or manage a spa operation.
  • Spa Principals; Owners, Operators and Managers – For those needing best business systems and solutions for an existing business, a new business opening, or to facilitate an upgrade or expansion.
  • Spa Partners & their Staff – For those who wish to educate and grow their clients’ and staff knowledge bases.
  • Students – For those who aspire to become spa owners, managers, or consultants.

Member Benefits

  • Stimulate existing internal spa staff reward programs, retention and productivity levels.
  • Foster interest and potential in developing a ‘manager’s mindset’ to staff members.
  • Secure ‘best performers’ with growth opportunities such as succession planning, that includes advanced spa management education.

Applying to the Program

Applications will be accepted commencing April 1, 2014 until August 31, 2014.

The Application Form will consider candidate information surrounding:  Business education and experience; background; reason for applying; short, mid and long-term goals; expected outcomes from the course and how the course will facilitate realizing those goals; and business referrals.  The successful applicant will be chosen based on need, growth potential, compatibility with the program, passion, commitment and desire to advance in the industry.

About the Spas2b Spa Management Course of Study

This 60 hour Online Spa Management Course holds CIBTAC International Endorsement, which means your Spa Management credentials will be recognized as being among the highest business standards in the world.  The course is in 66 countries worldwide and CEU Approved in 7 Provinces across Canada.

This Course follows the Spas2b Exclusive ‘6 System Business Plan’:

  1. Step by step spa opening / upgrading guidelines for full Business Plan development.
  2. Customized Financial Program to build your sustainable, scalable spa financial model.
  3. Detailed analysis on how to skillfully position and market your spa business.
  4. Proven methodologies and creative approaches to maintaining a robust pool of staff talent.
  5. Facts and inspirational ideas on weaving excellence into your customer service styles and delivery.
  6. Philosophies and facts on building best business practices & standard operational processes.

The primary Course Objective is to activate a ‘Management Mindset’ by providing an excellent foundation of principals and proven practices for long-term business sustainability and profitability.  You may view the full Course #1 – Spa Start Up, Management & Operations Course Outline here.

Application Form:  Two ways to submit:

Online click here:


Printable download, complete and email to: info@leadingspasofcanada.com


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