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Kjell Nordstrom – Phd, Swedish Economist, Co-author of ‘Funky Business’


“Planning will not work.  We could plan…but we can’t”

Kjell is a futurist.  He had some staggering statistics and future predictions that left me both intrigued and concerned.  Here they are in a nutshell.

 ‘Singling’ vs. ‘Family’

  • Women move to cities before men.  Women live longer than men.  Wealth is being transferred to women.  70% of women in the UK are in control of the wealth; and 50% in France and Morocco
  • We are experiencing a global urban underclass of stupid, un-educated men  (his words, not mine, don’t shoot the messenger as I hesitated to even repeat this)
  • 64% of adults in Stockholm are single; 46% in London; 60% in Morocco; 44% in New York
  • Asia, Singapore and Hong Kong are where the fasted ‘singling’ is occurring
  • In the future, the minority will live as a family; 50-60% of households will be single.

In the future, we will die from something very different, than in the past… 

  • 1850-1920 – We died from infection and that which was driven by poverty
  • 1920-1980 –  We died from lack of antibiotics, heart disease and that which was driven by welfare
  • NOW – We are dying from loneliness.  We are not built to be alone
  • Prepare for urban areas where we live alone in the third space…which is ’in between’. Tech networks have enabled the periphery to talk to the periphery, without the center
  • You will be in your home “alone, together”.

We are changing from a multi-national world, to multi-urban phenomenon, as we break into more cities.  The question is, how will this affect your life, and your business?  Start planning now.  Whoops, I mean you could plan, but you can’t, so let’s at least think about it.

Know – Go – Do – Be

We are the Human Project.


FUNKY BUSINESS – Talent makes capital dance

Kjell A. Nordström & Jonas Ridderstråle

Forget what has come before; this is the future for organizations and leaders. We are all condemned to freedom. We cannot delegate the understanding of what drives tomorrow’s society to politicians and executives. The funky future is here and now it’s all up to you. Funky Business is essential reading for those trying to learn the language and recipes of the new economy.

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