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New 2015 Trends, or an Age-old Philosophy?

Its Trends time…is that time for big change?

With the flood of information rushing down the pipes on what’s new and trending; you may be scurrying to identify which predictions you should ‘jump on’, how to do that, and when. But before you make the decision to adapt a new trend, consider that:

BIG CHANGE cannot be successfully executed on shaky ground


Before you jump, take a look at local & global business demands

There are at least 6 pressing challenges that are already requiring our undivided attention, before we even think about jumping feet first into a brand new project.

These challenges are forcing us to scrutinize our leadership skills and our entrepreneurial capabilities, and they don’t appear to be going away any time soon. Let’s take a closer look:

1.  Pressure to Reduce Waste (‘Muda’)

This could encompass any number of things, such as:

  • Wasted time – do non-useful thoughts & actions hog up too much of your time, impairing productivity?
  • Wasted potential – are you forced to turn a blind eye to personal &/or business opportunities because of lack of time?
  • Wasted money – do you have too many inventory skews preventing you from investing in more worthy prospects?

2.  Improve Efficiency & Productivity

Do you have the philosophical belief that everything could and should be continually improved upon for greater efficiency, but you lack the time, support and/or resources to make those huge improvements a reality?

3.  Increase Quality & Value

Do you naturally question the status quo, but often find it difficult to prioritize and execute the numerous and monumental changes you believe are needed to increase the current state of affairs?

4.  Stay on top of Current Technology

Do all of the rapid advancements in technology frighten you, pushing you into varying states of denial, stubbornness and paralysis? You are not alone.

5.  Formalize Standards & Processes

What’s at risk and threatening your business?  No financial or operational programs in place?  High staff turnover? Low customer ratings? Poor quality control and no safety or accident prevention plans in place?

6.  Strengthen Culture and Leadership Skills

We are experiencing worldwide shortages of qualified spa staff.  How will you gain and retain the fine talent that your future depends on?

Ask yourself these 4 Questions:

  1. Can your challenges only be solved by making big change?

  2. Are you prepared for the budget demands and months of upheaval that big change requires?

  3. What if you were to discard the notion that big change is not the only way to improve?

  4. Could there be a more subtle approach?


There exists an age-old Philosophy on implementing Change

Maybe you wish to consider the philosophy of Kaisen.  This is the ongoing practice of making small, imperceptible changes over time that will eventually culminate into substantial accomplishments.

Kaisen originated in Japan after the 2nd world war.  Translated it means:

‘Change’ or ‘to correct’ (kai)

‘Good’ 善 (zen)

Good change can and does occur through continuous, incremental improvements,

without the radical intervention that big change demands.


The Kaisen philosophy is an ‘all-on-board’ philosophy.  From senior management to housekeeping, all are encouraged to continually suggest ways to improve upon the challenges that are negatively affecting the business.

Kaisen is about empowering your team with a voice; where sharing their great ideas actually becomes a part of their job description. And very often it’s a task that staff welcome and embrace; because everyone wants to be heard.

This philosophy does not in most cases suggest you ask your team for ideas that involve major change. The Kaisen philosophy moves away from big change; to small, continuous wins that can bring about substantial benefits, including:

1.  Its leader-friendly

When improvement is needed, this particular change philosophy doesn’t require you to move mountains that cause huge fallout among staff and leave you with feelings of failure and isolation.  Instead, your most pressing business challenges are identified, prioritized and tackled one by one, with strong, ongoing team engagement. This way you can continuously and methodically move towards your goals, backed by a supportive team of innovators, who are ‘all-in’ because they have the voice they’ve always wanted, within their work environment.

2.  Team-friendly

Employees are more likely to thrive when they are shown appreciation and recognition. But big change doesn’t always allow participants to feel an ongoing sense of gratification, because often, it’s only the end result that really matters.  Big change is either a hit or a miss; it has succeeded or it has failed.  But small, ongoing wins provide proof that efforts are paying off and a difference is being made.  Employee recognition and appreciation breeds desire; to continue to help reach the goals that the business aspires to.

3.  Business-friendly

Business processes that are under constant, massive renovation are wasteful, they cripple productivity and efficiency, and they escalate risk.  Not to mention that Leaders are more likely to burn out with that kind of monumental pressure.

4.  Customer-preferred and approved

Stress reduction…a memorable experience…a feeling of calm and comfort…the need to return and relive the experience. Our clients can only feel these emotions when the leader is leading a team that feels their ‘fit’ within the family.

Reminder:  Big change cannot be successfully executed on shaky ground

Methodical, incremental improvements to your core business practices can prepare you for the big changes that are still going to be needed within your business from time to time; but why not first begin to address the most pressing business issues with an ‘all-in’ approach, and then think about ‘big change’ once you are back on solid ground?

Who doesn’t get excited over trends?  We all do.

But just like everything in life, it’s all about timing



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