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Part 3: 30 NEW Things I Learned at the 2015 Global Wellness Sumit

As a personal tribute to my 30 years in the spa and wellness industry, this article is Part 3 of our series on ’30 Things I’ve Learned from 30 Years an Entrepreneur’.

You can also visit ‘Part 2: 30 MORE Things I’ve Learned from 30 Years an Entrepreneur’.


As always, the Global Wellness Summit brings awe, inspiration and possibility.

There was nothing expected or status quo at this year’s Summit in Mexico City. The hottest global topics were showcased and we were all placed squarely and firmly on a whole new page of the worlds spa and wellness trends.


Wellness is not just a word…its a world

The world of ‘wellness’ has so many working parts and components, that one just has to imagine what it means to them personally, and it is.


These ‘quick points’ on the most recent 30 things I learned, only mean that I have so much more to learn…!

  1. Mastering gratitude sparks creativity, generosity, courage, patience and love. It increases happiness and changes lives. If you need inspiration, go to: http://gratituderevealed.com/gallery-gratitude/
  2. Some of the most fabulous and influential people on the planet are the most approachable. They too can be vulnerable and needy and aren’t afraid to admit it.
  3. Spa and Wellness is becoming increasingly scientific and technologically driven. From neuroscience and DNA http://www.doctorclaudia.com/ to tech-driven medical aids and care-giving.
  4. Chinese doctors get paid for not letting their patients get sick, not when their patients get sick.

  5. Uber-like massage businesses are hitting the market. Massage on demand may rework the traditional spa model. https://www.zeel.com/
  6. Evolution is creating alot of backlash: Economic outlook is uncertain; Geopolitically we are conflicted; Societally we are fragmented; Environmentally things are worrisome.
  7. STRONG TREND: Why wellness is mandatory…Aging trumps all other global challenges; countries are growing old before they can become rich. There are two ways to fix this: 1. Increase productivity to spur economic wealth, OR; 2. Preventative healthcare through wellness to reduce costs. http://monthlybarometer.com/
  8. Eudaimonic (well-being with meaning, self-realization) is replacing hedonism (instant gratification, maximum pleasure, minimum pain).
  9. Tension and stress are just the gaps between what is and what can be.

  10. Holocracy is the new operating system. It replaces top-down control by distributing power. Employees are more like entrepreneurs who self-direct their work instead of reporting to a manager who tells them what to do…everyone is responsible.  http://www.zapposinsights.com/about/holacracy
  11. When cities grow, productivity goes up. When companies grow, productivity goes down.
  12. Brain/skin technology is the new frontier. Skin tissue is now being seen as a social and nerve organ.
  13. Stress is the fuel to the fire of inflammation and inflammation is the cause of disease.
  14. Neutrigenomics explores the role of nutrition on gene expression and how diet shapes our entire genetic function.
  15. Our DNA has a ‘dimmer switch’.
  16. Psychodermatology: How triggers in the brain affect our physical appearance and firstly, our skin.
  17. Wellness in the workplace is becoming a ‘value proposition’; an essential benefit. It is both a right and a responsibility.

  18. Podcasts are up 41% in popularity.
  19. Videos are shared 1200 x more than links and text combined.
  20. Snapchat, WhatsApp and mobile websites are dominating.
  21. When the economy goes down, chronic stress diseases increase, but this also happens when the economy goes up. This indicates stress and change are what cause illness.
  22. Value on Investment (VOI = satisfaction, retention, recruitment) is replacing Return on Investment (ROI = Gains compared to costs).

  23. Presenteeism (present at work, but ill and/or disengaged and unproductive) may be worse than absenteeism.
  24. Mexico City has enacted an initiative to stop putting salt on restaurant tables. They also have ‘butt stops‘ where if you step up and do 10 squats, you get a free bus pass.
  25. Hot springs and thermal waters are VERY hot right now.
  26. Strategic story telling is the language of today. Keeping your message relevant and engaging will keep your profits high.
  27. We ALL need more sleep.
  28. Health and wellness has made it’s way to the center of design and construction with the goal of creating spaces that nurture and promote health and well-being. http://delos.com/
  29. The Mexican people must be among the kindest and most gracious on the planet.
  30. The 2016 Global Wellness Summit will be in Tirol, Austria. Hope to see you there!

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