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Spa Management: K.K. Part 2 – Digging into her Holistic Bag of Tools



Be sure to visit: K.K. Part 3: Being Reminded that the Brain is a Muscle


Two weeks ago I found my career path and set

out on a journey of learning a completely new

business from scratch.

As I started my coursework, I found myself

completely immersed in all things spa.

Khumura K.


The broad scope of Module 1 Spa Start Up paints a very real picture

This is serious business. But it also seduced me into the ‘sexy’ side of running a spa business. Business and pleasure…I am captivated.

Little did I know that Module 2 Spa Finances would be the certifiable qualifier

Once I saw how metrics heavy the module was, I decided that before I started study of the Spa Finances, I would dig into my holistic bag of tools and give myself as much of a performance edge as possible. I am 43 years old and algebraic math was never my strength, but two decades of living in the big apple would give me the courage to know that I can handle this coursework. I just had to respect and commit to the discipline required in brain nutrition, proper sleep and quality time off to play, in order to maximize information retention and assimilation.

I created a breakfast ritual of apples and cinnamon oatmeal

1 ounce each of raw shredded unsweetened coconut flakes and a custom nut mix of raw almonds, pecans, walnuts and sunflower seeds, topped with a heaping teaspoon of raw coconut butter. Mixing all ingredients with hot water, I sit quietly to contemplate my day. After breakfast I would drink herbal tea and proceed to get to work. The idea was not to tax the liver and digestion so the brain could use the available units of energy without stress and fatigue setting in.

My study process was kept simple

I would take my time and actually read all text and required supplemental reading. I would take good old fashioned written notes on the text and audio/video tutorials and after my intake and reading sessions, I would take a break or call it a day.

It was not long before I figured some things out in the adult learning process

Distraction is a real block to retention.

So much as taking a sip of water can send the brain chasing another focus in seconds. What worked really well was having a brain food heavy breakfast, then hydrating well so belly is full, organs are hydrated and liver is happy in energy units. The heavy dose of good fats and B vitamins in the oatmeal allowed me to focus on the coursework for 4 to 6 hours at a time without needing to break. The few times I got brain fog, a simple orange helped to keep my blood sugar level so I could fuel up and finish my course work for the day. I saved all liquids for either breakfast or dinner. I chose to eat my snack orange in peace by taking a break from the computer just long enough to enjoy and get back to work. I also supplemented in the morning with regular rotations of spirulina, chlorella, and a green food supplement called ORAC Energy Greens taken in 12 ounces of warm water.

The intake sessions went well, keeping me alert and able to follow all of the course work

Once my notes were starting to take form, my day would begin by passively reading the prior days notes, before beginning to assimilate new material. The daily passive reading of notes really helped to keep prior days of intake stick, without me really trying. I didn’t cram or memorize any of this information. Great note taking and brain performance nutrition earned me the grades I am getting. I am not going to lie, Module 2 was so intimidating, but getting that 90% in a business I have no history or experience in, was proof that I could have a future in Spa Management.

So far so good. I am still super motivated to complete my certification and get to work.

Funny thing is, I think I want to be the spa operations spreadsheet queen as a goal for my career. Learning to speak, translate and implement business metrics to the spa business model has sparked my interest in a passionate way. I am so blown away with how metrics (numbers) speak a whole other language of truth and accuracy. I can already see that if these metrics models are properly balanced and embedded into spa operations, the efficiency would create more success in spa and resort longevity.

I definitely know that wellness is good for humanity and if I can help more of main street incorporate wellness as a way of life, that is a mission I can get behind using my skills to help the spa business become not only the luxury it currently is but in fact, the way of life it needs to become.

That is all for now.

Be sure to visit: K.K. Part 3: Being Reminded that the Brain is a Muscle



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