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Spa Management: K.K. Part 3 – Being Reminded that the Brain is a Muscle



Be sure to visit: K.K. Part 4: This Course is Changing my Life!


I am getting through Module 3 Marketing pretty well…

It is a lot of reading


My note taking is a little more tedious for this section. However, I am managing by letting indications of brain distraction, fog and fatigue tell me when to stop intake for the day. After a nice break, I simply passively read what I wrote for the session and end the whole study session for the day. Remember, the passive reading of prior notes is always done in the beginning of the study session before I start to read and assimilate new material. It’s funny, the brain is like a muscle. You max out on information intake and retention, then relax and recover with more nutrition, sleep and play. Start over again by fueling up first, then start the cycle all over again.

I am absolutely going to write an adult learning study guide about this experience

This information is highly technical, so the student need not think that just passing to get the certificate is all that would be required for promotion.

If I were a Spa Director, my first requirement for promotion would be a demonstration of 3 key spreadsheets that the spa can use immediately from the course material. Based on how the industry has been managed to date it may be the only way to ensure that KPIs and revenue vs. expense monitoring, will in fact become an industry standard operating procedure for spas large and small.

And thank you so much for your encouragement Leslie. I worked hard for that 86. Sadly, I am disappointed with 2 assessment attempts in Marketing, only to receive a 75. I am relieved that I passed but I am reviewing my study process to try and understand why I didn’t test well on material I understand and studied. In spite of my test score, I feel good about my command of the material. I didn’t rush through it (studying for it) and my notes are pretty thorough.

I really want to test well and consistent

My career goal is to implement the systems based approach to the management model the way Spas2b has designed it. The Spa Director’s job is not my goal. My goal is being a full time dedicated spa management analyst who creates, interprets, and presents these reports to the Spa Director. This way I can train and monitor corresponding departments to run their sections of the spa on these metrics and procedures; gradually converting the management and operations to a well run systems based business.

Basic RGB

I am sure I will finish strong,

but marketing is making me eat some humble pie tonight…


Okay, I have expressed my disappointment, it is not the end of the world……deep breath……I’m over it!



I just finished reading your latest email link on the top 10 global spa markets. This is fabulous news that the US is still leading the pack. I agree that this is possible because mindfulness, wellness, and generation x, y and the millennial populations have said “absolutely not!” to a life that demands a “have as much and as fast as you can get it” mentality. My original thought that the business of spa having a sustainable future if we can laser focus our talents, creativity and attention; to transforming the concept of spa life from privileged luxury to an affordable way of life, assures me that a rare opportunity to remake the business model to a solid scaleable entity is ripe for development right now.

The focus must target all sectors of the working middle class.

The attractions of self-care must translate as medical savings and control of quality of life to the customers’ thought process. As Americans wade through implementation of the Affordable Care Act, spas interestingly will continue for some time to have a unique competitive advantage for unusually large profit margins. This is possible because now more than ever, there is a mass consciousness that has formed that is about total wellness. However, no one knows how to make it happen in their lives unless you happen to be a LOHAS like you and me. Spas can use this as a marketing platform to educate from a lifestyle perspective. Slowly grooming that massive market of main street clients to embrace self-care as a way of life. Every industry gets its day in the sun. The spa business is finally getting its turn to dominate the markets.

Done well, in 20 years we will produce a healthier human population

The vision:


A peaceful and prosperous global village.

Helping to balance climate change is critical, so we can all keep enjoying life on earth and perform well in profits so that our businesses are part of retirement investment plans and usher in a new business model that is not only scaleable but truly and authentically holistic in its foundation. An example of success that will be copied in other industries ultimately leading to the peaceful and prosperous global village we need to become.


Be sure to visit: K.K. Part 4: This Course is Changing my Life!


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