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Spa Management: K.K. Part 4 – This Course is Changing my Life!


Be sure to visit: K.K. Part 5: LATER THAT WEEK…

Wow. This course has changed my life!!!!!

Back in October I had no idea of what I was going to do with the rest of my life. It is totally crazy. I loved loved loved living in New York but being released in the manner I was, somehow felt like astral shackles were opened and for the first time in my life I realized that I had ascended to a level of freedom and choice I have never known.

You see in the 23 years I lived in the big apple, I embraced the holistic lifestyle with the gusto and passion only a 20 year old new to the city could do. I remember fondly how I did colonics, juice and raw food fasting in my 20’s while traveling the world as a Flight Attendant. Mastered the vegan lifestyle while embracing my indigenous family roots in my 30’s while running a home business.In my 40’s I would embrace my midlife crisis and indulge in pole dancing, meditation, yoga, massage and chiropractic sessions to manage the physical and emotional wear and tear of the demands on my time and talent to my client base. I would organically send not 1 but 2 fibroids packing fully discharged by my body without drugs or surgery. My doctors are still scratching their heads at how I pulled it off…lol. The answer is, I developed my own cure regimen and documented the whole experience in a journal I have been keeping to track my progress.

Taking this course brought back all of those memories like it was yesterday; as if the Universe was helping me understand that my life experience has earned me the right to serve a broader audience through a completely different career path.

In order to lead, one must know their purpose

This epiphany has been an awesome experience exploring my potential in how I can contribute to human and environmental wellness through the business of spa life.  My purpose is to offer healing through offering alternative methods of self-care through the spa. The offer to help clients take control of the quality of their humanity is my mission. The more humans from all walks of life that get healed, means that we can generate a healing mass consciousness. The long term result: whole, healthy happy humans, as we return to the village life concept of life (just digitized and internationalized). Maybe then the earth will stop rebelling against her human inhabitants and abundance can become available to all once again.

This course has been an amazing walk of reinvention and purpose

I believe I have met my calling … A promising career awaits me, I just know it!


Every time I took a quiz and got the grades I am getting, it further confirms I have met my calling and I have been preparing for this professional transition all my life.  Wow. I get to do work that will inspire me for the rest of my life. No more living 2 lives. I can finally gracefully blur the line in real time! Life in the big apple has conditioned me to embrace and master change in order to stay in control of my destiny. Spas2b has polished my life experiences by blending my life experience as a LOHAS with real professional skill sets that will help me to accomplish my mission with grace, efficiency, authority and of course, style. I am excited to walk my talk. I do intend to lead unapologetically as a full whole healthy happy classy woman. Patriarchy lifestyle simply does not work for me….

It is not often to find an actual step by step plan on how to execute service based tasks, products and services

Leslie, I just finished my review of the subjects of Customer Service and Spa Operations. I was pleasantly surprised at how much detail was discussed in both subject matters.

The details covered in this course are usually only revealed in a job training program

AFTER one has landed the job position!

Also, the details are so spot on, any one taking this course can apply the planning details immediately to their day to day operations and see results in about a month of monitoring and measuring progress with the KPI formulas provided in the course.

Customer Service is an artform when done well. I loved the Spas2b approach on how to attract and retain clients. The management tools provided on how to train staff to master this “artform” are just pure gold in the fact that it is all spelled out in step by step instructions. I am excited to explore my options now that I have not only the knowledge but actual plans on how to do my job and do it well.

In preparation for my final exam, it dawned on me that this course is actually a great foundation for anyone who wants a career in a service, wellness or hospitality driven industry. This was a blessing to discover as it gives me confidence to cast my net for career options wider than I was initially planning.

I am glad I invested and will absolutely keep in touch and let you know where I will start my career. Thank you for an awesome learning experience and I look forward to the journey Spas2b will continue to take us on. Signing off now. I have a quiz and a huge final exam to prepare for. Hope to make you proud.


Be sure to visit: K.K. Part 5: LATER THAT WEEK…


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