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Spa Management: K.K. Part 6 – Tears of Pride and Joy in Finishing the Course


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As I write this email,

I am crying tears of pure joy that

I have found my next career.


What a wild ride this course was. I am so proud of myself.

Because of having no printer and having to hand write all of my notes and formulas, I had to be sure to maintain a consistent schedule to read the material and regularly review all modules to quiz well. I gave this academic journey a full time commitment and I could not be more pleased with myself. Even on days when I was tired and battling brain fatigue and life distractions, I was never NOT interested in what I was learning. Pushing through my study and quiz sessions was always something I wanted to do.

The discipline of learning this coursework never felt like a chore

I was happy to make time to study because the material was very engaging. The process showed me that I have real natural acumen for this career path.

When I started this journey, I knew I would be pursuing a career that I had no experience, training or even exposure to. However, I was not deterred because I was determined to pursue a career path that really resonated with my lifestyle, passions, beliefs and my need to be stimulated and challenged. I enjoyed the whole learning experience and look forward to the opportunities that this certification will bring. I have been able to figure out what I really need guidance on in composing my resume.

Here are some of my questions:


1.  In searching for a position, should I keep my focus on front desk, back/front office position? Is it too ambitious to apply for an assistant manager position?

Leslie’s Response: It’s great to have a focus, but also an open mind with good flexibility. You may find that employers will be interested in first placing you at the front desk, concierge, etc. but I certainly don’t believe it’s too ambitious to apply for an assistant manager position if that is your goal. Particularly if you possess other management experience such as leadership soft skills and/or financial hard skills. The worst that can happen is you are declined. But in the mean time you have begun making contacts, experiencing challenges and understanding processes, all of which are greatly important down your pathway to employment.


2.  Based on entry level salaries, should I look for something local and defer relocation until I am making a living wage that can support me full time.

Is it smart to relocate anyway and just live in a roommate situation until my salary can fully support me if the opportunity is a really great position for career growth?

Leslie’s Response: These are very good questions and I believe should relate directly to your personal situation at the time. But as with any big step like this, it’s mandatory to do full research on the company you will be working for, including their philosophy, vision, mission, etc. to ensure you are like-minded and there will be a fit; have a signed employment agreement in your hands before you relocate; assess fully your financial capabilities and project what your budget will look like as far out as possible; work at developing contacts and support systems for when you get there; have a Plan B.


3.  What key words/phrases should I use in my career objective section of my resume since I have the certificate but no experience to compliment the training?

Leslie’s Response: Spa Management Certificate, Spa and Wellness Career, Business Management, Internship, Spa Operations, Assistant Spa Manager, Front Desk Co-Ordinator, Customer Service Representative, Concierge, Manager in Training.


4.  What supporting documentation should complement my resume for my 15 year self-employment? I had sole proprietorship that registered as a DBA. I also have tax returns.

Leslie’s Response: Legal documentation would not be a requirement. Photo copies of any certificates, awards and/or achievements would be welcomed. You can provide letters of reference, a vulnerable sector check, a personal photograph, etc., or wait until they are requested.


5.  Do you have any suggestions on where I should start looking?

Leslie’s Response: Consider where you want to work. Do you feel you are best suited to a Day Spa or a Stay Spa environment? Start reviewing job sites to see what interests you and to which openings you may be qualified to fill. Attend industry events to network and develop your contacts. Don’t be afraid to make cold calls to establishments that are high on your list, even if they are not currently recruiting. Be graceful AND tenacious!


So there it is, the end of one journey

and the beginning of another.

Your comments and questions are welcome.


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