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Category Archives: Customer Services

YOUR New Normal: What does it mean to your Business?

  Many have become more conscious about spending, not necessarily because they have to, but because they feel less secure about the future.    There’s much talk about the “New Normal”- what exactly does it mean to your business?  Use your … Continue reading →

Body Draping

A question submitted to Spas2b: I’m not sure how to correctly drape the client during body treatments and I think it’s obvious! Is it true that they are supposed to be covered at all times, except the part you are … Continue reading →

Business slowdowns!

A question submitted to Spas2b: I’m hearing from many of you that the current economic conditions are (still) deeply affecting your booking schedule. What tactics are YOU using to keep them coming in? A friend and colleague I interviewed awhile … Continue reading →

Customer Service Training Idea works!

Customer Service Training Idea works! We were in need of customer service training and didn’t know where to turn, so we asked each staff member to come up with one training tool that would improve customer service and that they … Continue reading →

Still building change rooms in spas?

A question submitted to Spas2b: I have heard that in Europe and in some of the bigger spas in North America, that change rooms are no longer being put into spas, that guests are changing in their treatment rooms. Is … Continue reading →

Pros & Cons of adding a hair salon to your day spa

A question submitted to Spas2b: What are peoples thoughts of adding a hair salon to your Day Spa? What are the pros and cons? How would one do this without affecting the balance and peaceful environment of the spa? This … Continue reading →

Top 5 Drivers for Affluent Customers

  Although our customer’s attitudes towards wellness can often supersede their levels of affluence, there is no question that wealth is a key player when targeting the ideal spa client. Capturing the attention of the affluent client means first studying the … Continue reading →

Optimize Your Brochure

  Our brochure is perhaps the most important travelling sales tool we have for our business. Your brochure should support your company’s services as well as retail sales efforts. Here are a number of considerations that could prove to turn … Continue reading →