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Course #1 - Spa Start Up, Management & Operations - $1,195 CAD

For Spa Start Ups and developing Professionals. This Spa Management course will give you the practical skills to build a lean, high performance spa business model. More Information...

Course #2 - Spa Management & Operations - $995 CAD

For Spa Principles and developing Professionals. Learn how to minimize tough business challenges with creative thinking and a sensible, strategic approach. More Information...

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Standard Operating Procedures

A question submitted to Spas2b: Where can I go to purchase a copy of a Standard Operating Procedures Manual?   Our Response: From Skip Williams, Resources and Development Leslie, Thank you for asking me to reply to this inquiry. We … Continue reading →

Robust Spa Retail must be System-Driven!

  Getting your spa staff to sell retail has been in the Top 3 spa business challenges category for decades! But somehow we think our low involvement still warrants high expectations…….what?? With your dedication, these 5 systems to Robust Retail … Continue reading →

Kocoon Spa

Kocoon Spa Spa Particulars Name of Spa: KOCOON Spa Lounge & Elixirs Status:  Open Hours of Operation: 11am – last order 8pm Type of Spa: Spa Lounge Size of Spa: 2,100 Sq. Ft. Number of Employees: 7, still hiring Number … Continue reading →

Extraordinary Spa Professionals

  The Ingredient that’s missing in the struggle for success is “Focus” You must have a focus in your career as a Spa professional.  You simply cannot move through each day without a professional growth plan.  You will find yourself … Continue reading →

Spa Startup

A question submitted to Spas2b: I dream to start up a spa. Where and how do I begin ?   Our Response: I think the first place you need to start is with research. This would include internet, trade shows, … Continue reading →

SPA Housekeeping – Part 1 of 2

  Clean & Maintain Cleaning and maintenance prevent the build-up of soil, dust or other foreign materials that can harbor infection, but this is seldom the reason for the spread of infection. Although there is no risk of transmitting infectious … Continue reading →

SPA Housekeeping – Part 2 of 2

Quick Glance: Hand Washing and Glove Usage Guidelines Yes, you’ve heard it all before; hand washing is a very important procedure for preventing infections. But unfortunately, it’s not always a priority! So I’ve taken the opportunity to remind you and … Continue reading →

Oh Spa

  Spa Particulars Name of Spa: Oh Spa Open Since: October 31, 2008 Hours of Operation: 9 am to 9 pm Type of Spa: Destination Spa, Full Service Day Spa, Relaxation Lounge, Wellness Program, Boutique Size of Spa: 4500 square … Continue reading →

Top 5 Business Challenges

  No matter who you are, CEO or student, we are all aware of the mounting business, cultural and economic shifts that are building up around us and re-shaping the world as we know it. Let’s take a look at … Continue reading →

Checking if I received a tip

A question submitted to Spas2b: My client was very pleased with the service but I didn’t receive a tip and I am sure she left one. Is it ok to ask the client if she did leave a tip so … Continue reading →