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Key Functional Areas you need to Monitor

Today, service excellence decides who stays and who goes. It’s your #1 Competitive Asset Thinking up ways to delight your clients is fun, and personally rewarding!  Brainstorm regularly with your staff, but also have them continually assess their own accomplishments in … Continue reading →

Energy Management for Workplace Vitality!

by Jill Cressy Stress is Here The complexity of our world is increasing with higher competition, greater demands and more responsibilities. In the workplace, there is much bubbling up, with many feeling overwhelmed, burdened and on tilt. We attempt to … Continue reading →

YOUR New Normal: What does it mean to your Business?

  Many have become more conscious about spending, not necessarily because they have to, but because they feel less secure about the future.    There’s much talk about the “New Normal”- what exactly does it mean to your business?  Use your … Continue reading →

Junior and Senior Staff Positions

A question submitted to Spas2b: I was just at a spa who had junior and a senior pay scales on their brochure. The junior staff services cost less than the senior staff services – is this a new trend? I’ve … Continue reading →

How do I word my Non Compete Contracts?

A question submitted to Spas2b: I may be hiring a relative of one of my good friends. She is currently a therapist and has a clientelle. How can I protect myself if she decides to leave? How should I word … Continue reading →

Staff Scheduling

A question submitted to Spas2b: One of the staff members where we work changes the schedule without permission to make it work best for her. She is a senior esthetician, but still, why should she be allowed to do this? … Continue reading →

Average hourly service price

A question submitted to Spas2b: I recently heard that there is an easy forumula that you can use to calculate your average hourly service price. Can you help me find that information to help speed up the process?   Our … Continue reading →

How should we charge for group bookings?

A question submitted to Spas2b: We have a question in regards to a large number of patrons (10)booking the spa on a Saturday. We have charged a rental fee in the past, and asked that everyone has 2 services done. … Continue reading →

Seasonal Services

A question submitted to Spas2b: Is it a good idea to have services revolve with the seasons? Doesn’t that increase advertising costs and inventory too? Is this mostly something the bigger spas do?   Our Response: It’s true that you … Continue reading →

Staff Contracts, Agreements and Promises

  Think It… Ink It… And Get It Signed “The number one de-motivator in the world of work, is not knowing what is expected” Ideally, your Staff Contracts should be in place before you begin recruiting.  BUT, if you are an … Continue reading →