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Course #1 - Spa Start Up, Management & Operations - $1,195 CAD

For Spa Start Ups and developing Professionals. This Spa Management course will give you the practical skills to build a lean, high performance spa business model. More Information...

Course #2 - Spa Management & Operations - $995 CAD

For Spa Principles and developing Professionals. Learn how to minimize tough business challenges with creative thinking and a sensible, strategic approach. More Information...

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How is this course taught?

This course is considered an 'asynchronous' course, or in other words it is 'self-taught' and 'self-paced', without formal instruction.  This means you will have full access to the learning environment on an 'on demand' basis, to learn entirely on your own schedule and timelines.  You do not have to login at specific times, or submit assignments that are deadline-driven.  It is different than a 'synchronous' course, whereby students and instructor must be online at the same time to participate.

Which course should I choose?

If you need Spa Start Up information, you would choose Course #1. If you do not think you will ever open, renovate or upgrade a Spa, then Course #2 would be your best choice.  They are identical in content and both are internationally accredited, but Course #2 does not contain the Spa Start Up Module that is contained in Course #1.

Will the information apply to my country?

Yes. We have taken great care to ensure the content is relevant for use anywhere in the world.

How much does it cost?

Course #1 is $1,195.00 CAD and Course #2 is $995.00 CAD, including your CIBTAC certification. Taxes are extra if you live in Canada.

Can I pay for the course in instalments?

Yes. You can make two instalments. Half payment will be due upon registration, with the second half payment due in one month. You will be granted access to your course immediately upon the first payment being processed. 

When does the course start?

Enrollment is always open. You can start your course at any time.

How long does it take to finish?

Course #1 is approximately 60 hours of study and Course #2 is approximately 50 hours of study. This will vary from student to student however. 

Is there a final test and Certificate?

Yes. Upon completion you will write your Final Assessment. You will be allowed three opportunities to write the test, to achieve the grade you desire. Upon achieving at least 70%, or greater, you will be awarded your Spas2b / CIBTAC Certificate in Spa Management.

Is the Certificate widely recognized?

Yes. Spas2b currently has students in 76 countries globally and CIBTAC is an Awarding Body with International recognition, represented in 26 countries. As well, our CEU Approvals span coast to coast in Canada. All combined, your Spa Management credentials are recognized as being among the highest business standards in the world, tailored to provide for the requirements of the international industry.

What's included in the Courses?

These courses include full on-demand access to the Learning Environment including all audio tutorials, all video presentations, tools, resources, Spas2b support, Self Assessments, your Final Assessment and your CIBTAC Certificate and Badge.

What do I need to get started?

In order for you to enjoy this Learning Environment to the fullest, you will require:

  • A full understanding of the English language, both written and verbal
  • A dependable internet connection with good bandwidth and download speeds
  • A modern desktop web browser and/or a modern mobile web browser*
  • Adobe Reader
  • Microsoft Office 2000 or greater if you use Windows; and Microsoft Office for Mac, if you use a Mac. Microsoft Office includes Excel, Power Point and Word, which will provide you with full access to all primary and supplemental course materials, most noteably, our Spa Finances Excel Program.

Can I take my course on my smart phone?

We do not recommend you plan to take your entire course solely on your smart phone. Navigation through some parts of the course with a small screen will be difficult due the course's heavy content and numerous spreadsheets with audio tutorials. We suggest you use your smart phone in tandem with your laptop or desktop computer.

Will I be able to manage a spa when I am done?

You will be provided with in-depth business knowledge on the systems required to run a spa, as well as many of the tools you'll need to implement those systems.  Together, they will give you the advantage you'll need to enjoy a successful spa management career.

How do I get help?

Whenever you have a question or just need to discuss a topic with someone, you simply contact Leslie Lyon. Leslie is your primary instructor and support person, available to you at any time you need assistance throughout your learning experience. Leslie always strives to respond to your inquires within 24 hours or less. Contact Leslie at 519-580-5966 or llyon@spas2b.com.