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Course #1 - Spa Start Up, Management & Operations - $1,195 CAD

For Spa Start Ups and developing Professionals. This Spa Management course will give you the practical skills to build a lean, high performance spa business model. More Information...

Course #2 - Spa Management & Operations - $995 CAD

For Spa Principles and developing Professionals. Learn how to minimize tough business challenges with creative thinking and a sensible, strategic approach. More Information...

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2018 - Stay tuned for Spas2b Inc. exciting updates coming soon!


December 2017 - Obtain your copy of the 2016 Global Best Practices for Spa & Wellness Internships Manual

Thinking about introducing a Spa & Wellness internship to your business or education establishment? This 'go-to' manual will help navigate you through the process. Scroll down to 2016 to download your copy here.


October 2017 - Now over 600 global Spa & Wellness Managers trained and educated through Spas2b!


July 2017 - Spa Management Education

Join our online courses and enjoy our Audio Tutorials and Video Presentations from your very own study spot.


May 2017 - Welcome to our 76th Country - Hungary, Europe


March 2017 - Welcome to our 75th Country - Amsterdam, Netherlands

This milestone is cause for celebration!  Welcome to Cara F., it's a pleasure to have you join us!


January 2017 - Welcome to our 74th Country - Namibia, Southern Africa


November 2016 - Leslie Lyon, Spas2b President wins 2016 SIAC 'Chair Award'

The SIAC Chair Award is given to an individual who has contributed to the growth and betterment of the Canadian Spa Industry and was chosen by SIAC Chair, Elena Zinchenko.

“Leslie, you have been selected because you are, without a doubt, the heart and soul behind Spas2B. You play an integral role in this amazing educational company that constantly grooms some of the best Canadian and international spa leaders. Your industry knowledge, professionalism, and your warm, sincere and direct demeanor win over anyone you meet and make spa management skills very easy to absorb and master! Your dedication, professionalism and skillfully tailored spa management training, your detailed and impeccable execution, and your passionate and supportive follow ups are just some of the pillars that make your programs so attractive and valuable for spa professionals.” Elena Zinchenko, SIAC Chair.


October 2016 - Spas2b Scholarship Winner Announced

The Spa Industry Association of Canada and Spas2b Inc. are very pleased to announce the winner of the annual Spa Management Scholarship awarded to Jessica Flynn, Operations Manager, iwa Spa, Blue Mountain, ON.

The Spa Management Scholarship Program is a benefit available to all Spa Industry Association of Canada members. Members include spa professionals, spas and spa partner suppliers and spa partner schools. The course of study for this award is Course #1 - Spa Start Up, Management & Operations Course of Study, sponsored and provided by Spas2b Inc. 

September 2016 - Cancer Care in the Spa - Leslie's SpaEd Blog

Click on "Leslie's SpaEd Blog" in the top navigation bar.

August 2016 - Welcome to our 73rd country - Macadonia, Region of Northern Greece


June 2016 - Check out Leslie's new 6-Part Blog series on Choosing a Spa Management Course

 Click on "Leslie's SpaEd Blog" in the top navigation bar.


June 2016 - More of Leslie's New Blogs coming soon!


February 2016 - Welcome to our 72nd Country - Montenegro, Southern Europe


PRESS RELEASE: November 2015 - Global Internship Program

Experiential Spa Management Learning Programs to Encourage Industry Excellence. Read More...


PRESS RELEASE: October 2015 Spas2b Inc. Scholarship Winner Announcement - Spa Industry Association of Canada / Leading Spas of Canada

We are very pleased to announce the winner of the annual Spa Management Scholarship, awarded to Andrea Fisher, Spa Manager at Ancient Cedars Spa at Wickaninnish Inn, Tofino, BC, Canada.  Read More...


September 2015 - Welcome to our 71st Country - Fiji, Continent of Oceania


September 2015 - Global Internship Program

This initiative was inspired by the ever-increasing worldwide need for our spa management talent to have both the educational skills and the practical experience in order to be effective leaders.  Click on the logo to read more about this exciting educational initiative through the Global Wellness Institute. 

 Uniting Spa Management Educational Interns with Industry Experts.


April 2015 - Leslie Lyon joins as Chair for the Global Wellness Institute's Global Internship Program

The Global Internship Program through GWI is one of three Global Career Development Initiatives, including Global Careership, Global Mentorship, and Global Internship.  This Internship Program will make it easy for people aspiring to a spa and wellness career to identify and participate in Internships with spa and wellness businesses, including hotels, resorts, destination spas, day spas, corporate spa companies, and wellness centers.


March 2015 - One of our newest Testimonials

"Thank you for an engaging and enlightening experience. This course exceeded my expectations, in that I now have a super clear understanding of the breadth and scope of the Spa Management career path.  I clearly understand what the job description is, what is expected of the management productivity requirements and now have clear guidelines and procedures on how to carry out those expectations in a manner that can be built, maintained, monitored and expanded through a solid systems-based approach, complete with exacting details for proper implementation."  

"This course was so thorough, it can definitely compete with an MBA

on the same subject matter."

K. Khumnetertauset, New York City

January 2015 - Welcome to our 70th Country - Sochi, Russia


November 2014 - Welcome to our 69th Country - Zimbabwe, Africa


PRESS RELEASE:  November 2014 Scholarship Winner Announcement |Spas2b |LSC |SIAC

Congratulations to Sharon Puglia, Spa Manager at Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort ande Spa, our first Spas2b | Leading Spas of Canada Scholarship winner!  Press Release.


October 2014 - SIAC/ACIS Board of Directors welcomes Leslie Lyon

Leslie Lyon, President of Spas2b Inc. to serve on Board of Directors


September 2014 - Leslie Lyon is awarded Outstanding Service Award

Leslie Lyon, President of Spas2b Inc. has been awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award for 2014 by the Spa Industry Association of Canada and Leading Spas of Canada. 


August 2014 - We welcome our 68th country - Djibouti, Africa


July 2014 - We welcome our 67th country - Kingdom of Bhutan, Asia


July 2014 - Welcome to 21 of our newest Spa Management Registrants

Spas2b students come from all corners of the world!  Most recently: Amerat Oman, New Providence Bahamas, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic, Bucharest Romania, Malahide Dublin, Tinidad and Tobago, San Diego California, Red Lake Ontario, Vichy France, Dubai UAE, Berwick upon Tweed UK, Matthews North Carolina, Dutch Caribbean Aruba, Malvern Pennsylvania, Westmeath Ireland, Hogansburg New York, Denver Colorado, Hyderabad India, Port Carling Ontario, Uttar Pradesh India and Doha Qatar.

April 2014 - New Spas2b Scholarship Program for SIAC Members

The Spa Industry Association of Canada, Leading Spas of Canada and Spas2b Inc. are pleased to announce the launch of their Spa Management Scholarship Award Program.  The inaugural offering for this new Member's Only Benefit program is: Course #1 - Spa Start Up, Management & Operations Course of Study, provided by Spas2b Inc. 

SIAC and Spas2b have partnered to address a number of industry needs

  1. To address the growing shortage of qualified industry resources and Spa Management educational opportunities for Spa industry entrepreneurs.
  2. To stimulate SIAC member owners to involve, train and reward their staff on more productive, sustainable business strategies.
  3. To encourage SIAC member manufacturers and distributorships to educate their staff and clients on how to achieve better all-round business outcomes.
  4. To encourage early participation in higher education to students in SIAC member schools and career colleges. 

Therefore, ideal Scholarship Candidates are:

  • Developing Spa Professionals - For those who aspire to open, upgrade, consult or manage a spa operation.
  • Spa Principals; Owners, Operators and Managers - For those needing best business systems and solutions for an existing business, a new business opening, or to facilitate an upgrade or expansion.
  • Spa Partners & their Staff - For those who wish to educate and grow their clients’ and staff knowledge bases.
  • Students - For those who aspire to become spa owners, managers, or consultants.
  • Must be SIAC-ACIS members, students enrolled in member schools, or staff of member companies

Member Benefits

  • Stimulate existing internal spa staff reward programs, retention and productivity levels.
  • Foster interest and potential in developing a 'manager's mindset' to staff members.
  • Secure ‘best performers’ with growth opportunities such as succession planning, that includes advanced spa management education. 

Application Form:  Two ways to submit:

Online click here OR Printable download, complete and email to: info@leadingspasofcanada.com


April 23/14 Webinar - Stop Confusing What's Wanted with What Works!

Presented by: Leslie Lyon, Spas2b

Webinar Description

Too often, there is a disconnect between what our staff want from their job, and what actually works within the business.  Many factors have played into this gradual ‘conditioning’, but perhaps the most important contributor to our staff’s misguided notions, is simply the fact that no one has ever clearly defined what their on the job expectations will look like.  Now they are working at your spa, saying ‘That’s not my job’, and ‘I didn’t sign up for this’!  What should you do?

We’ll clear the confusion by identifying the most notorious areas of staff and management disconnect, and what you can do to solve the problem.

Non members pay a nominal fee to participate in this webinar.

Webinars are complimentary to all Leading Spas of Canada members. 

Register Today!


February 2014 - We welcome our 66th Country - Qatar, Western Asia


February 2014 - We welcome our 65th Country - Poland, Eastern Europe


February 2014 - Introducing our New Edition Online Spa Management Courses

Spas2b has now combined Advanced Spa Business Management materials with a world class, intelligently integrated online platform.  Together, this learning experience will challenge conventional ideas about what a Spa Management Certificate Course should deliver. 


August 2013 - We welcome our 64th Country - Bulgaria, Europe


July 2013 - Guest Contributor to Global Spa & Wellness Weekender ENews:  The Metric Minute


Spas2b is happy to have been invited as a Guest Editor for the Global Spa & Wellness Summit on

identifying your most profitable service performers, for better profitability. 

If you need to know more about positioning your services for profit and the importance of analysing and containing costs, please read on….and enjoy! 

A Defining Moment: Issue 32: A formula to Identify Your “Top Tier,” Most Profitable Performers 

If you are in the service business, you know time is money—and that making every minute profitable is the key to success. In this “Metric Minute,” Leslie Lyon, president of Spas2b Inc., shares a formula to help you determine which services are “Top Tier” performers and which will generate high revenue per hour/minute, provide high-gross profit margins and are in high demand.

May / June 2013 - The Spas2b Management Courses are now officially CEU Approved in 7 Provinces across Canada

College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia

West Coast College of Massage Therapy

College of Massage Therapists of Newfoundland and Labrador

Massage Therapists Association of Nova Scotia

Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario

Prince Edward Island Massage Therapy Association

Massage Therapists Association of Saskatchewan


April 2013 - We welcome our 62nd Country - Ethiopia, Africa


January 2013 - We welcome our 61st Country - British Virgin Islands, North America

Happy New Year!  Don't miss our new Consumer Trends Blog to bring you and your business up to speed in 2013!


December 2012

Our Online Spa Management Courses are now CEU-Approved in Saskatchewan by the Massage Therapist Assocation of Saskatchewan, Inc. (MTAS) and in British Columbia by the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia (CMT).


November 2012 - We welcome our 60th Country - Aruba, North America

Our Online Spa Management Courses are now CEU-Approved in Nova Scotia through the Massage Therapists Association of Nova Scotia (MTANS) and in Prince Edward Island through the Prince Edward Island Massage Therapy Association (PEIMTA).


Join Leading Spas of Canada and Leslie Lyon for our 'Kickin KPIs' webinar

 Leading Spas of Canada presents

KPIs – “Kickin” Performance Indicators

with Leslie Lyon

Wednesday, November 14, 2pm Eastern 

We’ll uncover our Top 10 most potent list of Kickin’ Performance Indicators (KPI’s) used to measure your spa’s actual and potential levels of success.
But we’ll take that one step further, and show you how to kick them into high gear!

  • Benchmarking with metrics plays a vital role in your businesses growth and goals plans, and how you put them to work for you can be powerful!
  • Used as positive motivators, they can accelerate staff to higher levels of performance and significantly improve your businesses bottom line...fast.
  • From proven basics to advanced metrics, we’ll provide the formulas; methods for implementation; tangible campaign strategies; and guidelines for setting up your “at a glance” reporting system.

5 attendees of this presentation will be randomly drawn by LSC/SIAC to win the
Spas2b Inc. Financial Planning Program – $169 value!

**This one of a kind industry gem includes 68 customizable Excel Spreadsheets that will walk you through every single step required to get your finances under control and your future on track. The professionally finished format is an outstanding complement for insertion directly into your Start Up Business Plan, or to simply use on a month-to-month basis as your business's chief financial reporting system (CFRS).**


October 2012 - We welcome our 59th Country - Maldives, Asia

Our Online Spa Management Courses are now CEU-Approved through the College of Massage Therapists of Newfoundland and Labrador (CMTNL).


September 2012 - We welcome our 58th Country - Serbia, Europe


August 2012 - Spas2b Online Distance Learning Courses now CIBTAC Endorsed

After rigorous testing, CIBTAC have awarded the Spas2b Inc. Online Spa Management Distance Learning Courses with their sought after authenticated accreditation status which classifies the Spas2b Inc. training programmes as CIBTAC Endorsed.

Now with CIBTAC's endorsement of quality assurance for the best training and Spas2b's established reputation in over 50 countries around the globe, you, your customers, your students and staff can feel secure in knowing your Spa Management credentials are recognized as being among the highest business standards in the world; tailored to provide for the requirements of the international industry.

August 2012 - We welcome our 57th Country - Netherland Antilles, Europe


July 2012

Leslie's SPA Blog posts this month centered around our 3-Part Series on Spa Directors.  We get so many questions each month, from those interested in becoming Spa Directors or Managers, that we decided to address these common questions and concerns.  These blog posts correspond well with Global Spa & Wellness Summit's Research on Spa Mannagement Workforce & Education: Addressing Market Gaps Survey, provided by SRI International. 


May 2012 - We welcome our 56th Country - Greece, Europe


April 2012 marked the beginning of our NEW Monthly Promos

For the month of April, when you buy any Spa Business Instant Download at full price, you'll receive your second download for half price!  Watch Shop Spas2b for ongoing promos!


March 2012 brought us a new Spa Management client from the Seychelle Islands - our 55th Country

We welcome our 55th Distance Learning Country this month!  The Seychelles is a small island nation located in the Indian Ocean.  It is made up of 155 tropical islands; the majority of which are uninhabited...but they are definitely inhabited by some georgous spas!


February 2012 brought us two new Spa Management clients - our 53rd and 54th Countries - New Zealand, Oceania and Bankgkok, Thailand, Asia


Our January 2012 Blog on Trends draws wide recognition

Our interpretation of how the 2012 Trendwatching.com Annual Trends Review could be applied to the spa industry was very well received.  It was tweeted, re-tweeted and published by: 4Hoteliers; ISPA SmartBrief where it became the #2 "clicked" story of the day; exclusive commentary with Skin Inc.; Spa Trade/American Spa; and Universal Companies.  A very big thank you to our supporters! 


January 2012 – Introducing the NEW Shop Spas2b eCommerce website full of Spa Management Manuals & Bus. Tools 

We listened to your requests, and have just launched an extensive new line up of Shop Spas2b Package Deals and Al a Carte Spa Business Tools, including Spa Management Manuals; Financial Reports; Templates and Training Programs.  Up until recently, we know that many of you haven't been able to easily access the educational resources needed to enhance your careers and improve your chances at success. Well, we've just changed all that. 


January 2012 – Introducing Leslie’s Blog  “My dad always told me I had an awful lot to say!”


December 2011 - Two more Spa Management clients - our 51st and 52nd Countries - Australia, Oceania and Iceland, Europe


November 2011 – Leslie will be introducing Debra Locker of Locker Public Relations on her Leading Spas of Canada Webinar

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about PR & Media on November 22, 2011.  Presented by 17-yr communications expert Debra Locker, this session will engage you in creating stellar Public Relations programs with three simple ingredients: Relationships, Pitches and Perseverance. From the do’s & don’ts as well as answers to questions you have been afraid to ask, Debra will help you build a framework for a successful PR program. Debra is the President of Locker Public Relations, an award-winning boutique firm. She specializes in representing skin care, spa, eco and luxury lifestyle companies. 


October 2011 – Leslie is now a Guest Blogger for Spa Trade by American Spa


October 2011 – Join Leslie and the Leading Spas of Canada for Leslie’s webinar “DIY Mini Business Audit” October 4, 2011.

Do it Yourself Mini Business Audit

“Ranking determines handling”

“Make no business decisions without knowing why you’re making them”

Not all staff members; clients; and services deserve the same treatment...they all need to EARN it!


This webinar is jam packed with takeaways.  Today you will discover how to analyze and identify your major problematic areas, and then install systems that will dramatically improve business outcomes.

  1. Mathematicallyidentify if your top performers are who you really thought they were;
  2. Size up what programs and subsequent tracking systems will boost front desk contribution;
  3. Identifyservice and product tiers based on factual calculations;
  4. Alignscales of pay with department scales of contribution; and staff tiers with service tiers;
  5. Gauge how your client’s profitability compares to potential LLV (life-long value) estimates;
  6. Calculateif your service prices match your market position;
  7. Determinewhat actions your high COS (cost of service) might require;
  8. Recognizemarketing dollar waste vs. opportunity;
  9. Optimizeyour floor plan and brochure for highest growth potential;
  10. Conclude if your staff wages as a percentage of services are allowing you to profit.

Most importantly: Pinpoint where your management and leadership skills need to improve for sustained staff support and business success.

Let’s start doing less of what’s not working, and more of what is, TODAY! 


September 2011 – Spas2b Inc. is now in 50 countries!  Caledonia, South Pacific Ocean, Oceania

Congratulations to Samella Herve, Reiki Master / Teacher / Practitioner, Reflexologist and Massage Therapist (Certified CIBTAC).  Samella is from Noumea, New Caledonia, a small island nation in the South Pacific Ocean.  As the 50th new country to register for our Spa Management Distance Learning Program, Samella received her Spa Management Program and shipping FREE.

"Spas2b was recommended to me by a friend from Beijing. She participated in a few conferences organized by Spas2b and was very happy with them, and highly recommended the course.   I've been looking for a Spa Management Course for a long time, and I found exactly what I was looking for with Spas2b. Very clear and concise content, well organized and specially suited for my requirements."  Samella Herve


August  2011 - Leslie is now a Guest Blogger for Spa Insider at Universal Companies

Leslie has worked ongoing with Universal Companies since 2008, providing articles and webinars to the spa industry and business professionals. 


February, 2011 - Introducing Leslie's Power Tips with Spa Canada Magazine

Spa Canada Magazine and Spas2b Inc. have once again teamed up to bring you a new spa article within each 2011 magazine issue, titled "Leslie's Power Tips". These quick solutions and fast fixes have the ability to bring you instant results, allowing you to turn business pitfalls into financial winfalls!