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Course #2 - Online Spa Management & Operations

50 Hours - Online, Open Enrollment, Self-Paced, On-Demand, In 76 Countries - $995.00 CAD   Contact us for more information

Looking for a Competitive Edge?

This Course will help you solve
your toughest business challenges.

This course was FANTASTIC, thank you.  T. Donaghue

Are you ready to run a leaner, more profitable spa business?

We have encapsulated an immense amount of industry-specific information to help you build the systems and processes that will bring about a smoother operation and push you miles ahead of your competition.  This Course is identical to our Course #1, but it does not contain the Spa Start Up Module. Please see your full Course #2 Outline here.  

Ideal Course Candidates

  1. Spa Owners and Managers who need to strengethen their brand and increase profitability
  2. Spa Practitioners and Students aspiring to manage a spa
  3. Those new to the spa industry, who wish to work in a management position
  4. Spa Suppliers wanting to grow their client and staff knowledge bases.

We have also made the course content downloadable and printable, so you can choose what you'll need to (re)build your business systems and SOP Manuals.

Start your course at any time 

There is no waiting for registration to open, you may start and finish your course whenever it suits you.  Within your self-taught-self-paced course, you will learn with course text, audio and video tutorials and presentations, spreadsheets, templates and tools. 

Your Exclusive '5 System Business Management Plan'

  1. Customized Financial Program to build your sustainable, scalable spa financial model

  2. Detailed analysis on how to skillfully position and market your spa business

  3. Proven methodologies and creative approaches to maintaining a robust pool of staff talent

  4. Facts and inspirational ideas on weaving excellence into your customer service styles and delivery

  5. Philosophies and facts on building best business practices & standard operational processes.

Enjoy your 'No-Pressure' Learning Experience

Our teaching methodologies were specifically designed to maximize your retention of the materials, and therefore provide the best learning outcomes possible.  

This course is referred to as 'asynchronous', or 'self-taught'.  It allows you to move through the program completely on your own schedule and at your own pace.  All course materials are available to you 24/7, on demand.  It is considered to be more of a cognitive educational experience, whereby you have time to contemplate and absorb the materials, for a better learning outcome.

Self Assessments and Final Exam

After completing each one of the 5 modules, you will write and submit your Self Assessment for that module (we use these Self Assessments in place of assignment submissions).  Although these Self-Assessments are graded, their marks do no apply to your Final Assessment Exam; they are simply to help you gauge how well you grasped the materials you just covered.  

Upon successfull completion of your course and Self Assessments, it will be time to write your Final Assessment Exam and achieve your CIBTAC Endorsed Certificate in Spa Management.


** Some of the supplemental materials included in your course require Excel (our Spa Finances Program), Word and Adobe Reader

To fully enjoy these supplemental materials, you'll need:

Microsoft Office 2000 or greater and Adobe Reader, if you use Windows

Microsoft Office for Mac and Adobe Reader for Mac, if you use Mac

*IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not recommend you plan to take your entire course solely on your smart phone. Navigation through some parts of the course with a small screen will be difficult due the course's heavy content and numerous spreadsheets with audio tutorials.

Achieve your CIBTAC Endorsed Certificate in Spa Management

Upon successfully passing your Final Assessment Exam, you will be awarded your Spas2b / CIBTAC Endorsed Certificate in Spa Management. This achievement means your credentials are recognized as being among the highest business standards in the world, tailored to provide for the requirements of the international industry.

You are now ready to take the step and embark on a new, more successful career pathway.