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Course #2 - Online Spa Management & Operations Course Outline

50 Hours - Online, Open Enrollment, Self-Paced, On-Demand, In 76 Countries - $995.00 CAD    

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Module 1 - Spa Finances

  • Full 5-Year Financial Model Development Plan, including spreadsheets with detailed pie and bar graphs that auto-populate for easy visualization

  • Positioning your business for profit: Understanding financial formulas; calculating revenue per minute and per hour; designing base compensation windows; developing a staff tier system and corresponding employment responsibilities; developing a system of handling based on contribution; calculating the "real" salary; staff statistical monitoring report; setting staff sales targets and monitoring results

  • Service & product margin analysis - Learn formulas to calculate profitability so you can chart, rank and handle each of your offerings according to their bottom line contribution and manage back-bar costs effectively

  • Monthly sales projections by department analysis; comparison tool for calculating monthly sales vs. cost of sales

  • Staff payroll projection guidelines and easy monitoring techniques with editable spreadsheet

  • Understanding your line items and how your financial statements will guide you towards your goals, including: cash requirements / budget worksheet; cash flow; income statement (profit & loss); balance sheet; debt to equity chart

  • Yearly trend analysis; ratio analysis; break even analysis

  • Equipment cost recovery: In-depth analysis of payback schedules for large capital items

  • Business building basics - The top 10 key performance indicators (spa metrics) you should be monitoring

  • Detailed staff compensation report outlining guidelines and best business practices to follow in the development of your compensation packages. Comprehensive, in-depth study of compensation options and models, including both monetary and non-monetary rewards, such as base pay methods and combinations; incentive pay programs; training programs; allotments; discounts; profit sharing; bonuses, and so many more

  • Introduction to Yield (Revenue) Management, with trends and tactics to maximize your profitability

  • Gift Certificate Management - Income or liability? Strategies to keep your bottom line fit.

Module 2 - Spa Marketing

  • Up to the minute industry trends review; reports; statistics and latest findings

  • Mapping your marketing strategy; spa branding; learn how to develop and drive your marketing plan with key multi-dimensional marketing vehicles

  • Target market research; surveying, gathering; positioning & goal setting with primary and secondary data

  • Your 1 year Marketing Plan - How to develop your marketing budget, including promotional revenue vs. expense spreadsheet; the top 6 client attractors you need to include in the design of your marketing plan; creating online and offline promotional strategies; sample marketing plan template with target market positioning statement; identifying most profitable market sectors; creating events for your marketing calendar and much more

  • Understanding client demographics; generational marketing; and marketing in the new tech eco-system

  • How to conduct a full competitive analysis, including sample competitive questionnaire, to position yourself above the rest

  • Media kits and multiple media advertising - Where to invest your money; how to create your online and offline Press Release; word of mouth and free publicity; handling negative publicity

  • Effective branding tools: How to use and what to choose as your online and offline print and broadcast vehicles including; blogging, forums, billboards; window displays; signage, podcasts, promotional gifts, car and building art, to name just a few

  • Full service menu development: Signature treatments; mini menus and supplemental service menus including everything from bridal and post natal to kids and corporate. Secrets to creating spa packages; service discount strategies, profit positioning; and new service development

  • How to run promotions that pay: Revenue generation, profitability measures and tracking analysis, including promotional spreadsheet

  • Tips and facts on how to spark record retail with the power of recognizing opportunity, including cross selling; add-on selling; and up-selling

  • Setting the stage - Key elements in successful shop merchandising including how to use: planograms, testers; props and displays.

Module 3 - Spa Staffing & Management

  • How to create value-packed staff proposals; attracting and hiring superstars with your 6-point gold standard recruitment kit; from questionnaires, to application, screening, demonstration, ranking and selection.

  • Becoming a leader with presence; instilling quality and passion in your people; key communication ideas that encourage participation; techniques that motivate staff; superior people practices that enthuse teams to perform; how to create and teach positive self agendas; handling management challenges; growing staff into outstanding spa professionals

  • Building a team of innovators with focused staff retention programming, including culture metrics such as succession planning, intern / externships; innovation rewards; mentoring; referral; recognition; 3-tier training programs; work smarter initiatives, etc.

  • Front desk management; learn how to measure productivity and grow your business from the front desk, concierge and call centers; staff scripting; mini marketing initiatives; call conversion; selling same day and next day appointments; handling complaints, projecting a powerful take-charge position

  • Staff Contracts: Full outlines and contract samples including: Offer to employ, authorization to release information, growth and goals plans, compensation contract, non-compete, confidentiality, independent contractor and more

  • How to effectively link your staff job descriptions to interim reviews and annual performance appraisals

  • Staff discipline, accountability & dismissal guidelines

  • Team survival techniques.

Module 4 - Spa Customer Service

  • How to develop your service strategy and the importance of recognizing that customer service is a 'systems approach'; building relationships with data collection; including intake forms; counter-top surveying; demographic surveying; customer questionnaires; affluent prospecting

  • Whole team customer service initiatives including spontaneous purchasing; products of the month; monthly service enhancements; and service and product bundling

  • Service excellence as your #1 key competitive asset; monitoring problematic areas; gaining & retaining clients with genuine relationship building; managing your energy; developing opportunities for consistently great service in your open & closed door environments; problem solving with tangible and non-tangible solutions and benefits

  • Internal programs geared to growing and retaining great clients: Value-added; self-care; frequent buyer; special audiences, and much more, with a focus on building client referral programs; automatic gifting services; and preferred client programming

  • Guest Handling, inspection control and behavioral codes of conduct

  • How to measure guest profitability so you can rank and handle according to value; programs & promotional costs, tracking & monitoring

  • Customer compensation; developing situational response standards to set things right.

Module 5 - Spa Operations

  • Meeting the exciting challenges of the Spa Director's / Manager's ever-expanding job description; details on full management evaluation process

  • Setting your professional goals; spa management 'trade secrets'; strategic planning as a spa manager's priority - what it is and how it works; how to decipher what staff want vs. what actually works

  • Managing staff schedules; staying on time; managing change; running successful meetings; interpreting and producing weekly reporting data; nurturing and maximizing good supplier relationships

  • In-depth infection control guidelines, including: general principles for disinfection and sterilization; required monitoring techniques; procedural summaries for processing implements; personal cleanliness; housekeeping guidelines

  • Inventory management, including: categorizing inventory; systems tracking; guidelines for counting, ordering, receiving and stocking

  • Risk management and the dishonest employee; background checks; accident prevention; emergency preparedness; equipment maintenance; use of facility; and harassment

  • Time pressed management; tips on how to save 90 minutes a day, every day; management best practices to improve business outcomes; sustainable business practices; takeaways and lessons learned.

  • Wrap Up - The Spa Manager's DIY Mini Business Audit...are you on track for success?