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What you'll Need to get Started

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In order for you to enjoy this Learning Environment to the fullest, including all supplemental course materials available to you in Adobe, Word, Power Point and/or Excel, you will require:

  • A full understanding of the English language, both written and verbal

  • A dependable internet connection with good bandwidth and download speeds

  • A modern desktop web browser and/or a modern mobile web browser 

    • *Note: We do not recommend you plan to take your entire course on your smart phone, but rather, use your smart phone only as a supplement to your laptop. Navigation through some parts of the course with a small screen will be difficult due the course's heavy content and numerous spreadsheets with audio tutorials.   

  • A Microsoft Windows computer with Microsoft Office 2000 or greater OR an Apple computer with Microsoft Office for Mac, 2004 or greater 

  • Adobe Reader OR Adobe Reader for Mac.