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Course #1 - Spa Start Up, Management & Operations - $1,195 CAD

For Spa Start Ups and developing Professionals. This Spa Management course will give you the practical skills to build a lean, high performance spa business model. More Information...

Course #2 - Spa Management & Operations - $995 CAD

For Spa Principles and developing Professionals. Learn how to minimize tough business challenges with creative thinking and a sensible, strategic approach. More Information...

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"Thank you for an engaging and enlightening experience.  This course exceeded my expectations in that I now have a super clear understanding of the breadth and scope of the Spa Management career path.  I clearly understand what the job description is, what is expected of the management productivity requirements and now have clear guidelines and procedures on how to carry out those expectations in a manner that can be built, maintained, monitored and expanded through a solid systems-based approach, complete with exacting details for proper implementation."  

This course was so thorough, it can definitely compete with an MBA

on the same subject matter.

K. Khumnetertauset, New York City

An excellent program, this was one of my best learning experiences in Spa Management and it has inspired me to re-think the way I plan and present my work. A very high standard. It has given me new insight and energy to persevere my spa fieldwork with these absolutely satisfying training materials.
Ahmed S.
It was tough, but rewarding. I can now go out into the world with the right tools to manage my business successfully.
Shannon B.
A great and fun filled learning experience. Insightful on certain small things that we miss out on, on a daily basis. I will definitely encourage my colleagues and friends to enrol and I have already implemented a lot of ideas at work. Thank you Spas2b.
Kushal A.
Everything was awesome! A wonderful course that was very fast paced and informative.
Muthukumar A.
Very excited about this course. It put things into good perspective for me, as I am a therapist and looking to move into management. I learnt so much, it gave me a broad viewpoint and I am very happy I chose this course. I feel fully equipped and thanks to Leslie for your support and great tips.
Millicent O.
Excellent materials, very easy to understand the subject and to become a successful Spa Director.
Rajamannar C.
It's a very good experience. I gained a lot of surprising knowledge which I didn't know before, even though I am working in a 7 star spa in UAE. I will definitely recommend this course to my friends.
Souhad E.
Generally I loved it. I really enjoyed learning with Leslie, so many useful things I am aware of now. Thanks a lot and see you in the next course!
Eszter T.
This was a very comprehensive course and fun! It is very relevant for all SMEs not only in the Spa industry. Thank you Leslie.
Paul Q.
I have enormous respect for everything that you're about, and frankly see you as a magic bullet (or pill if you prefer) that could expedite the training skills that are so desperately needed.
Liz Conway, 5 Star Spas
Thank you so much Leslie. I'm really proud and happy to choose your learning spa company. You are the best example for being a well and good owner. I build more trust and confident of your spa learning company. For the best package that I bought and learn a lot for being a good owner as you. You show me how to be and do the best managing the client. Thank you and more power.. God bless you Leslie.
Anna Marie Recido
Leslie, So happy make business with you, seems you always be there to reply me whenever i need, thank you. Appreciated. Yes definitely you answered my questions, you always there whenever I need...happy
Putrique Ayu, Seychelles
This course has given me the confidence in running the management task in conjunction of my job as assistant manager especially on managers absence. It has given me the experience on how to think as a spa owner and to run the business. I felt the confidence in running a spa business.
Eka Purnama
I know Leslie Lyon since last two years. She is a "living encyclopedia" of the Spa industry. What surprises me is her willingness to help others. Whenever I am stuck with any professional queries, and I cannot find answers, Leslie is the person I can approach. She has always given me the right information, she has taken time out from her busy schedule to make research, inquiries and helped me out on difficult topics related to the Spa business. I have taken up the "Spa Start Up & Management Course" from Spas2B, and the material covers all the aspects of understanding the Spa business completely. I use the material as reference to any queries I face in day-to-day business and it gives me exactly what I need. Leslie, I am very much obliged to you for the advancement of my career and I cannot be thankful enough for your timely help, whenever I need your professional guidance. God bless you!
Dr. Pramod Mane, India
Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to do the online spa management course, I had to go through all the manuals on my fitted time, and finally I completed this beautiful course!
Shyam Goyal, India